Poetic Thursday: Coexistence; I am a bone of your bones.

By Muzhinga Kankinda.

Am not trying to compete with you. Neither I am trying to take your place ,honey.
Because truth; truth is, I need you. yes, I need you to listen; lend me your ears and tell me you understand. I feel pain every time you degrade me. Make me feel less human when am your companion. Husband, I was made from your rib; for you; to be a friend, partner and help. For better for worse yet you show me no love while you demand for my submission.
To accept the position of slavery, husband, whatever you do, please remember that I am eve, bone of your bones; flesh of your flesh.
Husband, I need you.
As my partner and friend. I need your love, approval and affection.
I need your touch, your sincere touch and admiration.
With all this, the sense of importance will generate in me. A sense of security;
Sense of knowing I can do anything I set my mind on without the societal limitation to my gender.
I am woman; equal to you in every sense possible but I haven’t forgotten, husband.
That you are man, you came first and Accord to you the respect you deserve.
Respect me too, that’s all I ask.
For i am human. I break when I fall, don’t let me fall apart, I beseech you.
Husband, I am strong and full of grace. Beauty is not the only power I possess; if only you give me a chance to show you.
Together, we can change the world. Create peace and harmony between us
Together we can call a stop violence against my gender and help alleviate challenges of abuse.
Husband, I know the place you hold is God given thus, i cannot take it. But, I want to support you, dear husband. I want to be by your side as your companion just as God stipulated but not as a slave that you raise your hands on everytime you feel like hitting something.
Husband, I want to see you waver and look so amazed when you see me because I am a gem, an important piece of your life, an epitome of beauty; you and only you must behold.
But how can it be, when you use your strength to crush my weakness. Bruise my body, that which makes you delight in me.
How can it be when my beauty fades as my swollen face ages with scars from bruises and swells my believe engraved on me.
My tears cannot hold when reasons to keep running are as countless as the Stars in the Universe. Moment of silence, gives me thoughts as to why I submit when you do not appreciate.
Husband, where is the love? Is power and Dominion more important than your fellow human.
Woman! That sprang from your side. A rib to protect and support you.
But, why have you given me a broken heart; a position of slavery? Shattering my hope and making me feel the need to fight you.
To fight you just for recognition; that am important too. When it is obvious that you need me as much I need you.
My life matters; I matter, honey.
Do i have to plead for you to see me as human, noble and capable.
Is it too much to ask that we change the world together, create history while supporting each other, husband.
Believe me, I do not want my abilities to be a threat to your realties. I want us to dream and to build together. With you by my side and me by your side.
Husband, forgive me but all I want is to be an important figure too. That figure that you have crashed into the deep.
She wants to come out; not for revenge or competition.
This is not about power or dominion.
This is about seeing me as human as you are.
You need to see that I deserve opportunities too. I deserve justice too.
Husband I deserve recognition and I deserve previleges and rights.
Husband, is your ego so strong that the smallest favour I could ever ask for is hard to grant?

I wish we could be at peace. I wish one day, we will forget the fights we are having over
Gender and violence, inequality and abuse. Because my hope is fixed to that day when you will realize just how important I am and grant me the position I deserve.
Just by your side.



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