100Mirrors: A critical review of Character and New Technology.

Today, I am going to talk about the internet and our smartphones. I am always excited about new technology and new gadgets and trust me this feeling is mutual in almost everyone. What is the first thing that a consumer wants to scrutinize when they buy a new phone?

  1. Camera
  2. Social Media Apps
  3. Space Capacity.

Phones and the Worldwide Web (internet) have affected us in various ways which include our interactions with friends and family, our health, our academics, our security, our morals and our culture. Imagine because of our phones and the internet we no longer see the significance of interpersonal communication which is effective in conveying messages with the use of both language and symbols. Nowadays, instant messaging is considered as a good way of conveying messages to loved ones but how would we know if one is sincere about the message they are conveying to the other person without eye contact, face to face conversations and many other. It is ironic that the youth have chosen to be best friends with their Phones in that, they do not seek advice from their parents, guardians or any other elderly person because they feel the internet is more capable of giving them the best tips about life, the best clothes to wear, the best makeup and the best information about men or women. Why ask the internet about dating when you could just ask your elder sister, brother, mother or father? Well, that is how the internet has influence people.
Due to this occurrence, parents and their children are drifting further apart from each other as the internet is tutoring their children on their behalf. Our health has also been affected by the internet in that unlike watching TV where you have to lean backward against the couch, the internet engages all your senses in that you have to learn forward to Browse, post and find whatever you want on the web. Due to this, our postures are affected, our sight is affected due to long hours of looking at a phone and our minds are disturbed depending on whatever negative content we watch on the internet through films, music and movies. Most cases of child pornography occur through the internet. The internet as well as our smart phones has brought flaws into our security. Apparently, we now have issues of cybercrime which includes cyberbullying, cyber terrorism, verbal assault, fake identities, impersonation, phishing, scams and many more. Hundreds of people have being duped of huge sums of money through phones and the internet, young girls are being trafficked and people are being bullied on social media.
With the emerging of the internet, the reading culture has decreased even more than before. Instead of studying, students are usually caught up in the web of instant messaging on various social media apps. Here they get to exchange information about fashion, style, dating and many more. They get selfies and photos and post them on social media for fame or popularity and through this cultures have been lost as youths embrace other people’s ways of living through dress, attitude, language, customs and so forth. It is on social media that youths show themselves in explicit self –incriminating situations. Issues of pornography, nudity and sexting are a norm in today’s era. Does cultural diversity mean that one should give up their morals, identity and culture? Think about it.
These are the negatives impacts of the internet and smartphones However, we cannot deny the fact that these new technologies have done good for us and that could be my next topic of discussion. If you feel you have been affected in any way by the things that have been mentioned above, it is time for reformation. The internet and your phone could be used to do great things that can change the world for the better and all you have to do is change the way you use these technologies. Use them for learning, acquiring academic information, use them for healthy interactions that will bridge the gap of diversity, use them to spread positivity and above all; do not lose your identity.
The internet is surely a web with many mirrors (windows of data) but, a 100mirrors are not as Worthy as you are.


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