Religion; Africa on fire

Karl Max socialist theory indicated that Christianity was the opium of the people. Many disagreed with this notion but, nowadays with the way Africans are going about practicing Christianity, one would say Karl was right. Africa today has more churches than businesses and thus, its impoverished state. In as much as religion, a sense of … Continue reading Religion; Africa on fire

Poetic Thursday: Freedom

Slavery is no good name. It was, it is inhumane and lame. It was never to tame. Without a home, without identity; men, women and children were forced to roam in labour and pain. They had no time to share their joys. They lived in despair, bearing the pain while being slain. They hope that … Continue reading Poetic Thursday: Freedom

GBV: The invasion of Hegemonic Masculinities

GBV: The Invasion of Hegemonic Masculinities Recognition of the inherent dignity and of the equal and inseparable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of peace justice and freedom in our villages, towns, cities communities, societies, in our nation and the entire world. This is a clause that marks the beginning … Continue reading GBV: The invasion of Hegemonic Masculinities