Poetic Thursday: Freedom

Slavery is no good name. It was, it is inhumane and lame. It was never to tame. Without a home, without identity; men, women and children were forced to roam in labour and pain. They had no time to share their joys. They lived in despair, bearing the pain while being slain. They hope that one day, there would be rain.

It all started with a dream and the fight for freedom began.

With violent explosives and sharp assegais, tombs we’re created; innocent blood was shed we guilt or shame. They stood in the battlefield-the freedom fighters fought. With bold souls and brave hearts, they took seige of one who took their identity and spat on their pride.for the dream became a vision as they stood without fear.

With love for the future generations; blessed with sons and daughters of Adam and Eve, they sought liberation. The path was narrow, shallow; full of sorrow but, they looked forward to a brighter tomorrow.

And here we are. We have a place to call home, our own abode. It has peace which overflow with dreams running down like streams in our minds. Turning them to visions and realities never seen.

And just like the eagle in it’s flight, we will soar to greater heights. In our right as human beings, our freedom is enshrined. We shall no harbor bitterness for our oppressers because in our heart is enstrusted the future of our nation. Thus, we shall disseminate information about love, peace and unity across all nations. An epitome to all, with our faces glowing brighter, our heads shall be hell high.

Never be ashamed of who you are.





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