Religion; Africa on fire

Karl Max socialist theory indicated that Christianity was the opium of the people. Many disagreed with this notion but, nowadays with the way Africans are going about practicing Christianity, one would say Karl was right. Africa today has more churches than businesses and thus, its impoverished state.

In as much as religion, a sense of spirituality and strong belief in God is relevant to all human beings. Africans have taken their practice of religion to a whole new level which has led to the under development of the continent. Most people in Africa have resorted to spending weeks of prayer in homes, churches and solitary places like mountains to pray for material gains without working hard for them. Other things sought out through these prayer sessions are healing and finding good marriage partners. It is disheartening that instead of thinking of ideas and ways in which to earn money through which they can purchase the material things they need or amass wealth for themselves, they would rather be prayed for by pastors and apostles for God to grant them wealth.

What makes this situation even more critical is that, the so-called church leaders who pray for these people are getting richer day by day while, the faithful church members who pay out money to the church as a condition for attaining wealth get poorer and poorer by the day.

Nevertheless, God has blessed Africa with the resources and knowledge needed for the development of our continent and all we need is to work hard to bring out the development that God hopes for us to achieve through his blessings. Even the scriptures say ” he who does work should not eat” thus, this is a clear indication that we should not be lazing around and waiting for God to bless us with a house or a car when we are unemployed and do not even have a penny in our bank account. Wealth cannot fall from heaven, it has to be worked for. It is no wonder the Western countries are developing more because they believe in hard work, innovation and progression.

The consistent dependency on prayer and fasting for miracle money is one of the reason that Africa is engulfed in poverty. Among other reasons include lack of industrialization, corruption, lack of technological knowledge and the psychological effects of colonialism and slavery. However, exaggerated practice of religion still remains a major concern which needs to be tackled before the continent is completely impoverished.


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