Poetic Thursdays: The Midnight Callers.

Hear their footsteps, the midnight callers. They walk in stealth, with their shadows in the light. We see them, they do good by the day but, the bitter truths spills off- they are our oppressors.

Innocent blood keeps spilling as it cries for justice and revenge

“Oh, brother. Why thy cruelty on me?

People are dying, tombs are being created. Broken hearts are not mending because, the midnight callers took their loved ones. Justice seems farther than the heavens, as the living cry out for solace. They want the massacre to end, but their oppressors are free.

The world is tough, the world is rough especially when the evil that lurks in the dark seems to prevail. Dear Lord, keep us safe. Under the wings where grace lies. kindly, save your children. Lucifer makes mockery of your prophets, won’t you shine your light, show thine splendour and power; and save mother Zambia. A country whose people gave themselves to you, both in body and soul.

Oh, how weary the night is for the innocent. How cold can the world be that man takes the life of another man. Is it for power? Is it for money, perhaps Fame. Ask Solomon, he tasted it all but, he will tell you that it is vanity upon vanity.

Disgrace and shame is the penalty for wicked. They are living but, their souls are dead. Dead to man, dead to divinity and morality. They seek the world yet, the world rejects them as it stands for judgment. Day is coming when people shall see who and what went wrong. They see their oppressor’s sorrow generation after generation for God shall wipe the tears of the mourners- Zambia shall be saved by the blood of God, the son; Jesus Christ; son of man and son of God.

That day the midnight callers shall gnash their teeth as justice is served by the sovereign God. There is a pain, an agony, false hope and the anguish but, we shall – yes we can. Soon our sorrows will end.





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