Poetic Thursdays: Child of the soil.

Was it you I saw? Young and free but, a dreamer. You dreamt bigger and better than your stature. A child you were, yet thoughts of greatness roamed around your mind. I knew you were meant for great things. So, I prayed; child of the soil that you would not lose your way into darkness.

Native son of the land, you are born of a strong woman and raised by a man of valor. Thus, you was a combination of greatness. Your heart and mind was in one place, one accord and one with your will. I knew you would do great things. So, I prayed, child of the soil that your path would not be obscured by lust and greed.

In a world where dreams and hopes are covered by greed and individualism, you dared to dream about a better tommorow, a better world; you sang songs of peace, appeasing the souls of the broken hearted. You dared to speak about your emotions even when it was hard for a man to let his emotions flow or be labeled as a weakling. You were true to yourself so, I prayed; child of the soil that your voice be heard.

Dear son, childhood may not have been easy; Fame may have taken a huge toll on you but, I’m glad that you choose good in the end. It was your greatest desire after all. Thank God, you grew and served your purpose. They danced to the rythem of your songs and sang along to your tunes. They felt your words, they felt you. The change you brought may not have taken place abruptly but, the difference was seen by all. So, I prayed; oh son and daughter of the soil, giving thanks that you achieved great things.

Son of the soil; no man is meant to live for eternity. Thus, to dust you returned but, that did not stop me from praying. Son of the soil; offspring of the brave and bold, I prayed thanking God for you life.