Poetic Thursdays: Guest post; Chasing Shadows.


For what come you here to find, water in a desert land? The summer this time has not been kind, so even the oases cannot be found. For what come you here to see, snow on the sands of Africa? As you climb the Mukuba tree, all you see is a clear sky with many a star. For what come you here to read, the news in a gallery? This is not content from which to feed, for the canvasses contain pictures without a story.

For what come you here to hear, a cheery song from the sad? He has many burdens to bear; only bitter words can come from his heart? He will smile so he can hide his fear; maybe then his woes will depart. A tear to his eye is ever near; he is uncertain whom he may trust. Too often has he been disappointed by those he holds dear; a thing he simply has not found a way to get past. So he has given himself away to beer for he seeks relief even if it won’t last. Maybe when drunk he will again be your jolly peer, past experience has assured us of that – for when his mind is distracted and unclear, you will be assured to have a blast. But now he is sober and his eyes with many a tear and he barely has strength to stand. Why then have you come here? You will not hear a cheery song from the sad.

For what come you here to pursue, sagacity from the king’s jester? He has drunk plenty and made of himself a fool, for how else would he impress the noblemen who have come from far? He sits among wise men who over the kingdom rule, but not to discuss the pressing issues on the agenda. He sits among the selected few, but has not taken for himself the wisdom they have to offer. At home he has so much work to do, the trees need trimming and the grass grows longer and longer. For the job he has elected an axe as his choice tool, but it is blunt and instead of sharpening it, he opts to strike the tree stronger. So the work remains long overdue and the nights are getting colder. Why then do you seek wisdom from the fool? Why would you bother? Though your intentions may be true, you cannot cry on this shoulder.

Meet John R. Sakala

My Guest blogger for poetic Thursdays is John Richmond Sakala. He shares Hai, everyone, I’m John Richmond Sakala. I’m a writer, poet and currently a medical student based in Serbia, Belgrade University. I’m originally from Zambia and I love being an ambassador of Christ, sharing the word of God through creative writing with the hope that my works will touch and inspire people’s lives and conform them to God’s will and purpose. John currently blogs for: http://voiceofthepoint.home.blog Visit his blog and be inspired spiritually by his creative pieces.

For what come you hear to find, peace aund rest from the knight? He only has strategic war plans on his mind and is preoccupied with getting ready for the upcoming fight. The enemy attacked and he was not kind, he surprised the defenses by attacking in the night. So around the knight the leaders gather as there are many things to decide, their revenge must be one of great might. Running through his mind are constant flashes of strife, war and blood; the screams and shouts cannot be silent. All must be done to alter the tide, so he cannot at this time attend to your plight. Why then do you seek solace in a place it cannot be found? Look and you will see that this place is filled with much unrest on every side.

“Arise ye, and depart; for this is not your rest: because it is polluted, it shall destroy you, even with a sore destruction” – Micah 2:10. The thing you seek cannot be found in this place, for there’s only bareness and drought. Please give up your empty chase, for this material you seek tirelessly is not fit to be bought. Why would you choose to send yourself into an unending maze, spinning in circles without halt? Why make decisions that you know will only leave you feeling distraught? The anxiety, stress and empty feelings are needless, as the battle has already been fought. There stands a solution worthy to be sought – Jesus – oh what a blessed thought.