PoeticThursdays: Nsang’u; Story of my life

That woman sat at the alter; tears streaming down her face. She decided she wasn't going to cry alone any more. So she prayed, hoping someone would come to her aid. "Dear God, she said sobbing. " Are you listening to me; I have a confession". She closed her eyes earnestly and buried her grieve … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: Nsang’u; Story of my life


Staying Positive in the wake of COVID-19.

In the wake of the novel Corona Virus, we have seen the anxiety, despair, fear and pain that has gripped the entire world. People's minds are filled with fear that they will be wiped out by this viral pneumonia to the point where our mental health is at stake. Only a few days ago, a … Continue reading Staying Positive in the wake of COVID-19.

YALI launches Africa4her 2020

The Young African Leaders Initiative is a network of young leaders in the African continent seeking solutions to the challenges that are being faced in Africa. Africa4her is one of the campaigns that premiers every year to educate, sensitize and advocate for women’s comfortable stay in the continent. YALI believes that“When women succeed, we all … Continue reading YALI launches Africa4her 2020