SundayArts: In the Abyss of Art.

Art is a beautiful thing. It reminds us of how beautiful our world is and how talented mankind is.

Meet Bong’ani Singini

Bong’ani Singini, one of our youngest and brilliant visual artists shared a glimpse of how his art gallery looks like with 100Mirrors. It is a beautiful place that no one would wish to leave, a blissful scenery that allows you to appreciate art in the very heart of Zambia.

The brilliant artist shares “I’m Bong’ani Singini. A licensed teacher with a Diploma in Art from the renowned Evelyn Hone College of Education in Zambia. I’m planning on pursuing a degree in Fine Arts my hobbies I have been fond of drawing since the time i discovered it was my talent; I love to paint, draw sketch modes and sculpt but, I’m more passionate and focused on design, abstract, semi realistic work and sometimes realism”

With his brilliant talent, Bong’ani looks forward to becoming an exterior automotive designer working in the automotive industry as he loves to design cars and would like to make it his main career.

It’s high time that Zambians as well her able leaders began to cheerish Art and invest in these wonderful artists as a leeway to boosting our struggling economy. Fine Arts are estimated to earn a single country in the European world billions and it could be so for Zambia as well if only her people realized that exportation of copper, tourism and agriculture are not the only ways through which a country can grow it’s economic realms.

Let us support our local artists and create wealthy for ourselves.


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