Poetic Thursdays: That woman who loves…

That woman who loves you with her whole heart. She walks on by, with despairs. Thinking to herself, when you; her dream will become true. That woman who loves; walks by, no one but God knows what she is thinking because she hides away, not telling how she feels cause you are so indifferent.

She says to herself, “for how will will I continue with this love so foolish?” Her unrequited love stands by yet, he cannot see the love she has. He can’t read her mind or maybe his gaze is somewhere else.

“Love is a folly of the mind, an unquenchable fire, a hunger without surfeit, a sweet delight, a pleasing madness, a labour without repose and repose without labour”

To love someone is despair; when your affection is thrown to the dogs by one whom your heart beats for. It is a breaking sight, a memory that can linger on for ages. It is a chain of uniformity.

That woman loves yet, he loves another and that other loves another. Blinded by affection and passion that is non-existent to the law of reciprocity. The chain becomes a unified whole.

Alas, oh Petronella. Did your fairy godmother dress you up, so pretty and beautiful so you could disappear at midnight after meeting your prince charming, yet at a distance or is it foolish to hold his hand because you can only meet halfway, torn apart by two different worlds or risk Oblivion like the original tale of the little mermaid who turns into sea form after kissing her human beloved?

What does love mean to you? When it brings aches to your soul. When it pierces your hearts to the point of unimaginable pains. That woman that loves you, she is is willing to hear the truth. Help her understand, where she stands, as she doesn’t want to see what isn’t but, what is.

“A woman cannot be in love and be rational at the same time”

She cries ” how long will I continue to love so foolishly when I hurt” Give her an answer; maybe she will leave and mend if you said it. Maybe she won’t hurt because of your unrequited love. Love cannot be forced but, its flames are to put out; for it cannot be quenched by the fuel of silence but, by the the chilling Waters of words that carry clarity.

That woman who loves waiteth for that response.


3 thoughts on “Poetic Thursdays: That woman who loves…

  1. Many women are suffering from the pains of unrequited love. Even though times have changed so much that woman are able to confess love to men there are some women who silently suffer. They want to speak out but they are tougue tied. There will always be a stereotypical statement about women who show affection to men before the man does it. What is your view?


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