YALI launches Africa4her 2020

The Young African Leaders Initiative is a network of young leaders in the African continent seeking solutions to the challenges that are being faced in Africa. Africa4her is one of the campaigns that premiers every year to educate, sensitize and advocate for women’s comfortable stay in the continent. YALI believes that
“When women succeed, we all succeed. By investing in women’s education, workplace equality, and physical and emotional health, you’re investing in the future. That’s because strong, healthy women make for a strong, healthy future.”

Women play a vital role in the development of the social, political and economic sectors of the a nation. Thus, it is important to put their wellbeing as a vital priority. YALI believes in the vision of having health women all the Africa to ensure that development is achieved thus, empowering women is one of the priorities that the network has.
As a result, on International Women’s Day, the organization was excited to announce Africa4Her 2020, Campaign which would see the next few weeks of examination of some of the most prevalent women’s health issues and learning how members of YALI as well as the general public can advocate for women’s health.
They have invited Africans all over the continent to start this process by taking the Africa4Her YALI Network Online Courses in order to learn about the unique issues that impact women’s health and the importance of accurate health information in view of becoming better advocates of women’s health.

This year’s Africa4her campaign is taking place under the theme” Empowering women’s health”