Staying Positive in the wake of COVID-19.

In the wake of the novel Corona Virus, we have seen the anxiety, despair, fear and pain that has gripped the entire world. People’s minds are filled with fear that they will be wiped out by this viral pneumonia to the point where our mental health is at stake.

Only a few days ago, a video of a man falling a hotel building went viral in social media and this man was said to have committed suicide due to loss of family members to COVID-19. Meanwhile, back here in Zambia, people are afraid of losing their lives not only to the disease but also hunger and extreme national financial instability because Zambia is a landlocked country. Furthermore, the entire continent of Africa is facing the challenge of social distancing and while others are good at being alone; the world is full of extroverts, people who needs the presence of other people in oder to have peace of mind. Unfortunately, these are the consequences of the emerging of the novel Corona Virus. However, it is important that while we are having such challenges obscuring us from living normal lives. Let us stay hopeful for the day that we will be freed from this disease. Stay at home encouraging one another.

It is also important that we stop circulating fatal and discouraging news about the corona virus on social media as this is instilling more fear and despair in others putting in the mind the fact that, we all have different EQs and we can’t handle bars news in the same way. COVID-19 has proved to be more fatal than other diseases as it affects our economic, social, political, spiritual and academic spheres of life. If you are not infected then you are affected. Let us be strong for one another and be reminded that we are one and equal; at least this is one lesson that the virus has taught us. No one is above the other. Until It is safe; stay at home, observe proper hygiene, wash and sanitize your hands regularly and remind others to do the same. Above all, let’s not forget to get divine inspiration in this trying moment; pray regularly with your family and friends, share messages of hope through phone calls, direct and instant messaging Apps. Til we are all safe physically and mentally, stay vigilant and alert; stay safe.


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