Lifestyle: Truth or Dare gone wrong.

So, you are partying or hanging out with your friends and someone suggests a game of truth or dare. Pretty fun, right?

But, what is truth or dare? Basically, is it a game most common at youngsters’ get-togethers such as parties, camps and normal hangouts. This game is a lifestyle game usually depicting a sequence of embarrassing and hilarious moments of players who take turns asking each other “truth or dare”. Thus, when you choose truth, you must answer questions truthfully in spite of how embarrassing it may be and when you choose dare, you must complete a task that has been given to you.

The game is basically used to spice up the fun at a party or hangout but, it’s also used to get to know your friends or colleagues pretty well. However, if they choose discretion, then you can also get to have fun and be entertained by making them complete outrageously hilarious tasks.

But, what if you go overboard?what if someone gets too dark with the truth questions or the dare tasks while aiming for embarrassment and hilarious outcomes? Oops! Someone may get seriously injured, hurt or something more unexpected may happen, like a creation of adversity between friends. Such things happen all the time, usually because one or two people may lose sight of why the game is really being played and cause trouble. There are times when the Police have even been called over such matters, perhaps a fights breaking between friends because one of them might have been offended by a question or a response to a question. When asked Gina, a second year college student in Lusaka responded;

I used to love truth or dare games until I was dared to kiss the guy I had been crushing on since first year, failure to which I would pay a fine to everyone present at the hangout. We were friends but, he treated so well that I thought he liked me as much as I did and I figured it wouldn’t be a bad idea to help him take our relationship further. I kissed him, he was so flustered but, he didn’t say anything. Later when we were back at our hostels, he texted me saying he was sorry and that he respected our friendship so much that he didn’t want to do anything that would jeopardize it. I felt rejected and heartbroken that I cried and remained in a bad mood for two days. It was hard to face him but, we finally made up though I wish I didn’t go through with the dare. I had never been rejected before and it was so heartbreaking because I had expectations.

In a another public opinion interview, Mutale , a final year student at the University of Zambia disclosed that he would never engage in truth or dare games again because of what had happened in his first year of university.

I was oozing with excitement for University life and loved partying with friends. One day I was dared to date a girl who was indignant and indifferent towards every guy except she liked him. She was a first year student in my class and I thought I could woo her over with my charm, win the bet and then leave her. I managed to be friends with her and discovered that she was really a good girl and we all misjudged her good character for arrogance and pride. Soon I really fell for her, getting attached to her every day I spent with her but sadly, as good as she was to me, she didn’t feel the same way about me and I was left alone to deal with the feelings I had for her, my heart breaking every time I saw with someone else that I wish I could turn back time and choose not to play the game. Though, I deserve what happened to me since I tried to play with her feelings first.

Truth or dare games are quite fun, bringing life to relationships and special moments spent with friends or colleagues but, sometimes things go overboard and you end up losing all the fun and relationships we have spent years building brick by brick in one single crumble. It’s good to have fun but is also important to take caution, think of others feelings while playing truth or dare and that’s if you want to play.

What are your opinions and experiences on truth or dare? Please comment, we would to hear from you.❤️


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