Fiction Short story: Playboy has a heart.(part one)

In the cold chilly night, Jason whisked the car away, coming to a halt, right in front of his porch. He hopped out of the car and opened the door on the other side, revealing a beautiful woman he had met that very night, fair and tall, she had piqued his interest. She slipped her hand around his waist, his resting on her shoulder as they casually walked to the front door of the house. He unlocked the door and the woman went on ahead of him. She grasped, flustered by what she saw. Jason rushed to her side, a little nervous but, his anxiety suddenly subsided after beholding a candle light dinner spread across the table.

“I didn’t know you were such a romantic” the woman beside him said, turning to give him a light kiss on the cheek. “I will keep you forever”.

“Hold on…i didn’t do this” Jason smiled apologetically. “We just met…”.

” Then who did?” The woman asked, puzzled with a sparkle of rage and disappointment in her eyes.

“I did…” Another woman appeared from the kitchen, her smile filling the whole room with warmth.

” …who might you be?” The first woman asked, clearly not impressed with the situation.

“…my best friend, Nina” Jason said, pulling the other woman in for a hug before introducing her to the first woman. ‘ Nina meet Avery…we met today at the golf club”.                                                                

“Nice to meet you…” Nina smiled warmly before turning to Jason. “You looked worn out at the hospital..I thought of preparing a meal for you instead the takeaways…”.     

“… so thoughtful of you.. being on the diagnostics team isn’t easy you see”.

“….a doctor ought to be healthy in order to treat people properly’ Nina retorted, nudging his hand playfully.

But, before he could give a reply, his phone rang noisily. “It’s work…must be urgent” he said, walking out to privacy.

The two women silently glared at each other before Avery broke the silence. ” I thought Jason lives alone” she said, looking at Nina expectantly.

“I’m his best friend…I have a spare key” Nina bragged, a smirk spreading over her face.

‘Thank you for dinner but, it’s time to leave..” Avery snapped.

“Do you know how many women come and go…?” Nina laughed. ” I always remain”

” Of course… because you are a coward, staying by his side in the pretext of a best friend”

” …it works you see” Nina laughed heartily before she was interrupted by Jason.

” I see you two are getting along already” he chipped in with a grin, returning from his seemingly long call. “I bet you won’t mind having dinner together because I have got to go..”

Without another word, Jason pulled Nina in for a hug and planted a kiss on Avery’s forehead. ” Duty calls ladies…” He said as he rushed to the door, shutting it gently behind him.

Back at the hospital, Jason parked his car and rushed towards the entrance, nervously looking down at his wrist watch. A prominent patient had been brought in abruptly and he needed immediate medical attention. He rushed to the elevator but it was still at the fifth floor. He waited anxiously, scratching the back of his neck nervously, something could go wrong if he didn’t arrive on time.

Finally, the elevator reached the ground floor, it opened with ease as a woman came stumbling out into his arms. He tightened his grip on her, gently steadying her and soon his doctor’s instincts kicked in. The woman’ s hands were as cold as ice, yet she was perspiring profusely, locking contact with her, she looked at him with weary half-opened eyes, struggling to stay awake.

To be continued….

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