Music the Fine Travis Way-Nilila.

As the world faces a danger in the wake of Corona Virus 19, Fine Travis’s tracks continue to reach out to the entire Zambia with the latest song, Nilila inspired by the rampage and discomforts caused by the COVID 19 pandemic. The song is a “cry” over the deaths of millions of people around the world conjoining with the desire for the old days of peace to return to the world.

Nilila is an inspirational song because we’ve seen how the world has suffered. The world has lost millions of people. There has never been a pandemic disease that has done this to the world in a short period of time…… Here is a song, a cry for the past days when people survived colds and flu to come back.

Fine Travis
Fine Travis-Touch Promotions

The young musician took advantage of his six months break from school, pursuing a degree in Computer Science at Rusangu University to get back into the studio and do the work he is most passionate about-which is making music. Fine Travis has released songs like “If loving you na scandal” and “password” in past although he admitted to receiving more positive response from the release of his single, Nilila this year.

The upcoming musician also admitted to having faced challenges in his music endeavors especially when it came to balancing school with music as well recording and releasing songs because it’s a costly venture until he signed up with Music Record label company, Touch Promotions (Touch Records).

I’m balancing up. It’s never easy to balance school with music…but, now I can do it because of Touch Promotions…my management team.

Fine Travis

I decided to make music as a business…. challenges are in even when composing a song…a song should speak volumes of messages…it should have education…sense…morals and entertainment…you need to gain positive response from people.

Fine Travis

During an interview with 100mirrors, Fine Travis expressed his love for music and that with God’s will, he will be able to make in the Zambian Music Industry. Fine Travis also hinted that he’s working on many music projects including songs like Nikafikilepo featuring renowned musician, Daev famous for his ‘Kamba ka love” and “never been easy” songs set to be released today as well as a feature alongside famous musician Yomaps in legendary musicians, Organized Family’s song called Load Shedding whose date of release is unknown but sooner than later.

Fine Travis/Daev

Watch out for more tracks from Fine Travis and Touch Promotions (Touch Records) music label and keep supporting the cause for making good music.


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