SundayArts with Joseph Mbewe.

Meet Joseph Mbewe aka Joseph mbx, another young Zambian Artist, self taught in the genre of medium pencils and paper. He started drawing at the age of 10 while taking Art as an option subject in eighth grade.

Unable to continue with Art during his primary education level, Joseph resumed Art after his secondary education in 2014, harnessing this passionate talent in an ability that would earn him recognition as an Artist, going on to draw a portrait of the famous freedom fighter, Nelson Mandela.

Joseph has also worked on portraits for Zambian musician, Slap Dee (King Dizzo) and may others.

I got my inspiration when I visited the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Council at Lusaka Show Grounds….but I was inspired by one artist, Nelson Mwengwe because his drawings were so realistic…I started following him on Facebook and I look up to him as i improve, hoping that to reach greater heights one day.

Joseph Mbewe, Mbx

With the aim of reaching great heights in the visual arts industry, Joseph draws his inspiration from veteran artist, Nelson Musa Mwenge whose wonderful pieces of art have featured in the Henry Tayali Visual Arts Council and has a large following on his Facebook page, Musa Mwenge Arts.

What do think of Joseph’s Art. Like or share your comments down below❤️🇿🇲


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