The problems that surround young today spring from a lack of balance between social life and personal development. There is seemingly a greater need for one to align themselves with a media culture that at most promotes romantic relationships.

This media culture consists in content that is a veritable soup of boyfriend and girlfriend issues, dating, sex and marriage. At most, the media is divorced from showing an actual reality that surround romantic relationships. This is not to say we are estranged from the fact that these things are important. Relationships cannot be ignored because all of us are relational beings.

Meet Ollus Ndomu

Meet my guest writer today, Ollus Ndomu, otherwise known as McOllus in social spaces. He is an end-to-end Chief Editor at Muafrica (online biweekly magazine) as well as a budding writer, teacher and student with vested interest in politics, human relations and theology.
Ollus is inherently taken to expressing himself, his views and philosophies through poetry as evidence by Poetry Soup and other platforms that have featured his writings.

We all need to feel loved, cared for, a sense of belonging and above all, we need to feel safely connected. However, our quest for relationships must be preceded by personal development. Personal development in this context implies, working on ourselves, refining and defining ourselves, and equipping ourselves with virtues such as tolerance, patience, faithfulness, respect and reverence for God.

Prioritizing getting into a love affair over personal development will always leave us hurt, bitter, torn apart and even abused. Many relationships today are a hotbed for abuse, abortions and tears. Partly, this can be attributed to our tendency to going into a relationship because we can.We should remind ourselves that ability does not always go with availability. Young people aught to be the best they can before going into relationships. The quality of a person in you determines your circle of attraction and who you finally get to date or marry.

The best favor we could do ourselves and those around us is working on us, developing us, reading to live the knowledge acquired and remembering that we are a seed for the next generation.

All and above, we all need to date and marry someone dependable, responsible, financially stable, in short we want the best. But in all this, the best should begin with us. We should live our dreams by positioning ourselves for their fulfilment.