Guest post|PoeticThursdays: Young Owl.

O, young owl in the dark charcoal night, Looking from beyond with impeccable sight, Spread your wings, get ready for flight, For the battle ahead requires more than just might. My Guest writer for poetic Thursdays is John Richmond Sakala, a writer, blogger, poet and currently a medical student based in Serbia, Belgrade University. He … Continue reading Guest post|PoeticThursdays: Young Owl.


Facts about Marfan syndrome to be aware of.

In a populace of a million or more, a few babies are born with a rare condition due to hereditary or birth complications. Such condition is  Marfan Syndrome also abbreviated as MFS; a genetic disorder of the connective tissue named after the French medical doctor who discovered it in 1898. Just like Autism, Marfan syndrome … Continue reading Facts about Marfan syndrome to be aware of.

Guest Post: Just listen

We are all struggling.  Situations can be uptight, suffocating or depressing. Many of us want to be heard yet we listen less. We want people to understand yet we understand less. Basically listening has lost its moral. Guest writer: Meet Rutendo 🥀 blogger at I have always seen myself as a multifaceted soul. And, since … Continue reading Guest Post: Just listen