PoeticThursdays: Mystic journeys of love.

Once in a blue moon, on a day of cold and snow; the goose always set out to go.

A journey in search of love, she went; trekking along the lillied path of the forest, taking every moment to feel the snow flake fall on her brow.

But, alas something cautioned “forever frost”.

Gazing at the ground, she saw a catchment as blue as it was true; marvelling at this beautiful sight, she wanted to touch.

The whisper of caution fading away as the feelings of passion and curiosity filled her bosom.

Lo, she fell in and with bitterness, she lamented. Sad truth, not all that glitters is gold. She could have known if she was told.

But, her sorrow was never to last; whimpers of pain turned into joy as he landed from the sky. With great wings of an eagle, soaring to her rescue, he scooped the goose strapped on to dear life and took flight.

He landed on the evergreen and despite their difference, he gave his heartfelt love and nursed her loneliness with companionship.

Soothed from her inside, an experience of delight that cometh with a sound mind. Side by side they strolled down the pathway, carpeted with flowers, supreme like the gladioli; it was a view arousing inexplicable Ecstasy.

Communication was eternal, lacking in nothing and mutual understanding was perpetual too as his tenderness brushing off the specks of distrust and disappointment quietened her unsettled spirit; yes, he cared like no other.

Behold! One sunny day, filled with warmth; she fell in love as he gladly spread his wings in protection of a friend.

Her love was true-blue, never experienced before; it felt perpetual. What to do, she was bewildered. She loved him but, did he feel the same way?

A prudent thought ignited by desire to know. She felt so insecure with vast curiosity; a pound of anxiety that pressed upon her soul.

She wanted to hold back; withdraw into her cage; Yea, she wanted to give up yet, her kite refused to fly free.

Oh geese of adventure, hidden from the sociological realm; adorned by vast lands of human perspectives yet, with desire to understand it all. Not for cognition’s sake but for peace of mind, for joy and happiness.

Love, the feeling of pure bliss encircled her; unto her heart it was enshrined, that affection for him, a mark engraved and never to be erased and now she feels she must let go but she wishes he could tell her to stay. And still, she asks “does he feel the same way?”
Probably the last time..so, what is thine answer?


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