Guest post|PoeticThursdays: Young Owl.

O, young owl in the dark charcoal night, Looking from beyond with impeccable sight, Spread your wings, get ready for flight, For the battle ahead requires more than just might.

My Guest writer for poetic Thursdays is John Richmond Sakala, a writer, blogger, poet and currently a medical student based in Serbia, Belgrade University. He is originally from Zambia and loves being an ambassador of Christ, sharing the word of God through creative writing with the hope that his works will touch and inspire people’s lives and conform them to God’s will and purpose. John currently blogs for: Visit his blog and be inspired spiritually by his creative pieces.

A Migrant from one place to another you will for now be, So get ready, time runs out 1-2-3, in search of sweetness than that of the bee, For they never exists rest in one same old tree.

Deep into the unknown you must go, Through the thick, unclear and above the sea you must learn to soar. Maybe you will find “Ljubav”, the priceless gem sought by all, making you warm from head to toe, and straighten out that stiff necked joint beneath your brow.

With the passage of time, you will miss your nest, It will burn like hot coal to the chest, but yet feel so cold at every conquest knowing that that joy you gain could have been shared with those you had loved and known first. Still, worry not, forge on for it is for the best.

Go on and pass life’s test never forgetting the one who watches from above even through the worst; and when you are done, gird up, make haste in return from your long journey to the West!!!

By J.R.S


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