PoeticThursdays: Is it home?

So I looked at the world in general; constituting everything yet embedded with the overall.

Pain, the opener of every man’s soul; gain, every man’s desire and many a Cain, who till the ground, sowing nothing but hatred, jealousy and envy.

With tongues like poison ivy, readily available to breach peace with an itch.

Then I asked myself, is this home? Really, is it home?

I looked at the mankind, with man of different seasons.

True friendship; loyal and compassionate. Kind to the bone yet filled with a recipe of compromise lured into the bowl of life.

An ounce of betrayal, a spoonful of disloyalty and gossip; seasoned with a pinch of covetousness;

And all who eat from it’s fruit retire in quarrels, heartbreak, conflict, violence, manipulation and to the extreme, murder. 

Then I asked myself sternly, is this home; truly, is it home?

I looked at the system;  the majority wins is the theme;

and I see evil triumph on earth with only a few minority asking for peace. Almost everyone, in truth has a hidden motive.

Behold, how humans are unstable in their ways. But, what to expect in a home without stability.

Was this the reality that Lucifer claimed Eve would see or is it a mirage to a perfect home that was meant to stand forever, never shaken?

So I ask myself every day, is this home? Is earth home? 

So, i look to the mountains, a voice quiet and still yet, thurderous with authority speaks to me; clinging to the conscience of my weakened flesh and telling me this wasn’t it. 

And I am enlightened and i believe home is else where.

Even when it’s inhabitants risk being taken, home is a shield; an armor in times and times forever.

Home can never be invaded; home is an abode of peace in totality, body mind and soul seek refuge and they find. Home is God, home is heaven 

And now I ask? Is it home for you too?


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