A mother’s blessings on me.

Image: Muzhinga Kankinda

The scriptures indicate that our parents are our second God’s whom we must honor to have a long life. In that sense, they are our life-savers too. 

My mother’s prayers have saved me from danger more times than I can remember, I mean she probably started doing that since I was a child; praying for my well-being; and taking care of me and adorning me with God’ s blessings which have continued to work wonders for me in my life.

One such time I recall vividly is when  I was reporting to Rusangu University as a first year student in 2017. My mother took me aside and began to bless me, calling on the name of Yahweh to bless her child. She called on God to make me the head and not the tail and that is my testimony. 

Stepping into Rusangu University made me realize how strong our parents’ prayers are because through my mother’s prayers that day and always, I became the head and not the tail. I have continued to excel in all endeavors whether academic or none academic; and every time I face difficulty, I recall her words and take refuge in her blessings.

There are so many bad things that could have happened to me; to us but a mother’s intervention always saves us from harm and misfortune from time and time again and I am relieved to have a second god like her on this cumbersome Earth. Nothing beats the love of a parent for her child whether alive or dead, her blessings will forever be your anchor. Thus, strive to take blessings and not curses from our guardians. Their approval is far much more than gold and silver or any pleasures of the world. 

Therefore, it doesn’t hurt to wake up in the morning and kneel down in prayer to thank God for your mothers and parents in general. Say to her God bless you more, mother. I love you!

I smile because of her blessings and it is for this reason that I dedicated a song, “Her” by Anna Marie to her and decided to write about her selfless super hero deeds. 

What about you? Tell us the story about your guardians in the comments section right below. We would like to hear from you.


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