The Battle Against Self- Taking control of your life with 8 lifestyle habits.

Do you find yourself fighting against your body, mind and soul?. Well, this is called the battle against self which scriptural leaders usually allude to as the greatest battle that man has ever fought. However, today we are going to talk about fighting self in view of living a healthy life. 

Living a healthy lifestyle is probably one of the most challenging components of life to achieve for most of us. This is because of the different cares, situations, circumstances and preferences that pervade our existence. However, it is vital to try and adapt to a life of living healthily and comfortably without any illnesses.

The following are some of the healthy lifestyle habits that you should adopt in order to take control of your life.

  1. Having an optimistic and positive mindset.

The world is full of its up and downs. Therefore, having an optimistic and positive mindset will save you the trouble of crumbling down when you find yourself in most difficult situations. Your mind needs to be in the right frame of thought in order for you to properly tackle and find solutions to the problems surrounding you. Therefore, refuse to give up by persistently avoiding to give into the challenges weighing you down through maintanence of a positive attitude while facing your trials head on and you will surely emerge stronger, confident, victorious and happy.

  1. Do not let stress control you.

The consequence of letting your troubles and circumstances overwhelm you is stress and more stress, which can lead to more physical and mental illnesses like hypertension, high blood pressure, depression and heart problems and death to some extent. Fact is, we cannot avoid the reality that we will not always be in a better place, situation or status.

There are times when we will be pushed to our lowest point in our lives due to unforeseen circumstances like financial setbacks, deadlines, divorce, abuse, heartbreak, illnesses, lack of employment and the list goes on. These problems will definitely affect our way of life in one way or another; and if we do not find means of uplifting our spirits, stress will be the end result.

At this rate, you are better off thinking of ways to control your stress levels. These may include eating healthy and correctly, exercising daily, getting adequate sleep and rest and also ensuring that we cancel all unnecessary convocations, obligations and activities which may add pressure on us and increase our stress levels. 

However, it is important to note that maintaining this routine may be more difficult than coping with the issue that is stressing you in the first place. Hence, avoiding stress should be the most important priority.

  1. Set your own pace

Do you ever find yourself thinking like this? “My friends are doing better than me; My workmate completed his/her presentation last week and I haven’t or I have pending work from yesterday”. Well, this is normal when you are panicking due to unforeseen deadlines, appointments and inner conflicts especially when you are witnessing the progress of others while nothing is coming your way. 

Whatever is happening, don’t panic! Take a deep breath, think things through and set your own pace for the completion of whatever errand, work or business you have to attend to. 

Zambians have a popular adage in Bemba, ” ukuthangila tekufika” translating to ” Being ahead of others does not mean you will arrive first”. This saying is there to remind us that making haste is not the way to success and that taking time to thoroughly and diligently complete your task will be fruitful for you. Therefore, despite being crowded by meetings, appointments and obligations, do one thing at a time by setting your priorities wisely in a chronological order. With this, I am not saying it’s impossible to have it all; you can have everything you want just not at once because multitasking can be a stressful venture which can leave you flustered, exhausted and frustrated sometimes.

  1. Connect with people, your environment and other living things.

It is important for every human being to have healthy relationships with others because every human being needs emotional connection with others in order to thrive. Therefore, no matter how busy you are, strive to stay in close touch with family and friends; do not skip church worship and fellowship, call and texts friends and relatives and never underestimate the power of these close connections to heal you, calm you and fill you with positive energy.

If you are an animal lover, do not hesitate to adopt a pet for yourself; go for walks with your pet and spend time together. Such connections help us to live longer.

  1. Be flexible with life and never underestimate the power of prayer.

This means that we should avoid getting angry when things do not work out the way we planned-this is the reality of life. Instead, move on and find other ways to accomplish what could not be done. Remember the adage, ” when God closes a door, he opens another one somewhere else. Therefore, take time to indulge him about your cares and worries and let him show you the way through prayer daily. Have faith, trust and belief in his power to turn your troubles into blessings. Aside from prayer, also engage in meditation. It is another way of feeding and nourishing our spirit and  helps to relieve stress and  set us back on track with the most important things in life.

  1. Activity is proactive

It is quite important for human beings to let go of passivity and embrace activity instead, leaving your comfort zone and luxuries behind  For example, instead of driving, it would be better to walk, do sports instead of watching TV or spending time outdoors instead of being indoors.

  1. Be clear about your boundaries.

Saying no is not always bad, it gives you a sense of self-love and awareness. No one should force you to do things you do not want to whether out of pity or something else. Therefore, mastering the art of saying no is important for you to be able to set proper boundaries which will in turn help you to conduct your life successfully. 

  1. Evolve with time

No matter what age you are , engage in healthy and fitness activities, eat well, sleep well and exercise diligently and above all engage in new activities, hobbies and maintain good relatiins with others. The point is whether you are a sweet sixteen or wise sixty- stay active.

Take time to adopt these habits as a lifestyle and you will be on your way to taking total controlof your life. 



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