PoeticThursdays: Open the window.

A happy Thursday to everyone, I hope you had a great Wednesday. As the world continues to face uncertainty and pain due to COVID-19 and it’s effects on people individually, socially and economically, here is poem to give you strength.

Today’s poem is also for everyone who feels overwhelmed by unforeseen and unbearable circumstances. I hope it can be a ray of hope in times of trials and tribulations of any sort. Let’s keep on praying for one another and happy reading.

Love, Muzhinga ♥️

Many times I have fallen, many times I have risen; As my feebleness takes over, I keep on falling.

Against all odds, I keep fighting but, sometimes it’s weary and cold.

I presume thousands perhaps ten thousands celebrated on either occasion.

But, yes; it does not matter, we all have different intentions and not everyone will be sad when I’m sad or happy when I’m happy.

Then I heard a voice say, 

“Open the window, someone wants to walk in” 

Who is this someone? I ask myself

Because I’m not talking about just any window but, the windows of my heart. It withdrew into a cage and now it is empty.

Perhaps if I open that someone might walk in. 

Now you ask who is this someone she is talking about? Indeed who is this someone I am talking about? 

Hope, yes, it is hope

Not just ordinary hope but hope so ethereal, hope from a loving father.

When I fell, I fell hard; I hit the ground with a thump and getting up was not easy.

At this point, I felt I liked it down there, clinging to the ground when it wasn’t my place.

Then I heard a voice say, come, yes “come all ye that are heavy laden and I will give you rest”

In my trouble I saw the Lord, in my pain I saw my father and friend, calling to me, knocking prodigiously, ” can I come in o child of sorrow? 

Therefore, I opened my heart, sad as it was, I opened the window and that someone flew in. 

Amazing right? 

An empty heart with room for nothing became a full heart with room for everything good. 

This voice is not only for me but for you as well so when you fall, listen carefully to that voice that says “Open the window”


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