PoeticThursdays: save Mother Earth

Lord, I see mother earth; it's withering away in bits with your people watching. The planet is dying inside, leaving eroded remains as a souvenir of our evil hand work.  They cut the trees like there is no tomorrow; the soil is infertiled by the poisonous remnants of rain, sinking in the deep earth to … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: save Mother Earth



Have you ever felt that your success is not because of you? Even after writing best sellers and winning a number of prestigious awards, world famous poet Maya Angelou could not shake off the nagging thoughts that she did not really earn those accomplishments. Albert Einstein had similar thoughts and feelings towards his achievements to … Continue reading PSYCHOLOGY WITH MUNA: YES, IMPOSTER SYNDROME IS REAL; PART 1

The uncovered veil of female pedophiles and sexual predators.

Happy Monday! I hope you had a wonderful weekend. If you are joining me for the first time, a warm welcome to you and thank you for being  part of my esteemed readers' squad.  Today's topic is a controversial one. Nonetheless,  it is of vital importance for awareness and sensitization' sake. We are going to … Continue reading The uncovered veil of female pedophiles and sexual predators.

Friday Reminders: The way and the sinner.

O wretched man I am; who will save me from the body of death?Romans 7:24 Many are the times we are weighed down with the sense of sense after sin. We lament just like Paul did and in our lamentations, we become detached; feeling lonely as the thought of our sin cutting us off from … Continue reading Friday Reminders: The way and the sinner.

PoeticThursdays: What is the cost of silence?

Keeping quiet, when the heart is full. You want to speak out; Yet, the right words find you not. Brace yourself for the pain of grudges, poison to the soul. Keeper of secrets, will you wait till the mind is soiled.  What hurts us is beyond, what binds me and you is absurd, our humanity … Continue reading PoeticThursdays: What is the cost of silence?

Playboy has a heart. pt3

Jason grabbed his new patient's file from the table and strode to the waiting room. He eyed everyone in the room, smiling warningly as he locked eyes with an elderly woman on a wheelchair, happily eating away her burger.  "That's definitely not healthy for her.." he thought to himself.  The elderly woman smiled back and … Continue reading Playboy has a heart. pt3

The acronymed phrase God’s plan.

Choose the best. Habit will soon make it pleasant for you.Pythagoras; Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. 6th century B. C. Acronym God's plan is an advanced health lifestyle guide of newstart;  a combination of nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God which lays anthesis emphasis on certain rules of new start so … Continue reading The acronymed phrase God’s plan.

Flooded dreams

Image: Flooded Magoye River during Rainy season  in Southern Zambia, Monze. I have been a person who hardly moves around because, i have found comfort in the serenity of my home. However, since i decided to engage myself in the study of Journalism and Communication at Rusangu University in the southern province of Zambia, i … Continue reading Flooded dreams

Friday Reminders:Hope, Faith and Courage.

From time in memorial, the sun has always been seen as an insignia of hope after a time of darkness. It has also been seen as a light that guides people‘s paths in their everyday life. First to the rainbow, it bestows courage on us for a better tomorrow. Of course, life has indeed shown … Continue reading Friday Reminders:Hope, Faith and Courage.