Healthy the fruity and greeny way: Diet and Beauty.

A healthy body is a guest; a sick body is a jailer.

Francis Bacon; English Philosopher and Politician, 1561-1626

Did you know that a balanced diet of fruits, cereals and vegetables can provide you with vitamins and minerals that are indispensable for the good condition of your skin and for real and natural beauty treatment devoid of cosmetiics or makeup?

What you are thinking is highly correct! There is indeed a tremendous connection between diet and beauty. 

Happy Tuesday and I hope you had a wonder Monday. Today’s topic of deliberation is on diet and beauty and how the two are connected to good health and appearance.

Beauty is not only about wearing good makeup, putting on the best outfit and having perfect facial skin; it is also about having a healthy body inside out and head to toe. 

Whether we like it not not, our diet have an effect on our general appearance. For example, before now there was a notion that people who take alcohol are the only one who have peeled off lips but, this is highly inaccurate because deficiencies in certain vitamins and minerals affects the lips and causes it’s skin to peel off this, affecting one’s appearance, right?

Now that I have proved that there exists an undeniable connection between diet and beauty. It is is safe to say that a balance and appropriate diet is essential in the alleviation of such skin problems. Infact, it may even make you look highly  attractive by increasing the firmness and glow of your skin, face and entire body.

Today, I will look at specific elements that are complemented by diet to enhance the beauty and appearance of human beings.

  1. Skin

Last time in the article, busk in a lifetime of clear skin, I emphasized on the fact that acne has many alternative control treatments from natural to laboratory made remedies and today, I am adding a balance dietay plan to the list of acne treatment and care solutions. 

Consequently, most of us; especially the ladies try to solve acne problems through the use of external products like lotions, musks, creams, serums and more without considering the fact that our skin cells are formed through ingestion of foods. 

That’s right! Eating an abundant quantity of fruits and vegetables, our number one providers of vitamin A and C may be sufficient for us to have a healthy and restored skin. However, we also have to do our part by avoiding foods overloaded with spices, alcoholic beverages and by replacing usage of animal fat with vegetable oil.  This may be hard for most of us but, it is a requirement for a healthy, beautiful skin. So, let’s keep in mind that a balanced diet is the best beauty treatment we can ever come across.

  1. Eyes

The soul, fortunately has an interpreter-often unconscious but, still a faithful interpreter-in the eye.

Charlotte Bronte.

our eyes reveal alot about us including our nutritional condition. Literature reveals that clear, shiny eyes with no redness and scale on eyelids is a sign that an individual has good nutritional traits.

However, if ones experiences loss of sight in dim light, dryness and falling of the eyebrows, redness and other negative elements, this particular individual is perceived to have deficiencies in vitamins A and B2. Therefore, it is necessary to eat foods that are a source of these vitamins. An example of good sources of vitamin are colored vegetables like carrots, tomatoes and peppers.

  1. Smiles

What is it that they say about a smile? 

A smile is the best makeup any girl can wear.

Marilyn Monroe.

A smile can magnify one’s appearance and beauty because it adds a priceless glow to your face but, it can only be attractive if it reveals  healthy teeth, right?

Therefore, it is vital to combine three essential elements of health that can help your teeth grow strong and well- formed to give you and everyone else the cutest smile ever. These elements include periodic vigilance, hygiene maintenance and a balanced diet which includes foods that are rich in calcium like dry fruits and milk. Moreover, it is also significant to avoid sugary foods and drinks as well as snacking between meals to avoid caries and cavities.

  1. Hair and Nails

These two are body tissues and a deficiency in essential nutrients in one’s diet can result in challenges ranging from  broken fingernails with small white spots to dry, colorless and dull hair. Dandruff is also another downside of having an unbalanced meal. In view of avoiding these problems, a diet rich in vitamins and minerals ( fruits and vegetables) is highly recommended and you will happy knowing your hair is silky and shiny while your nails are well formed and firm to the tip. 

  1. Weight

In order to maintain an attractive appearance, adequate weight is needed. This is also a sign of good dieting and health. Therefore, you need a vegetarian diet of fruits, cereals (grains) and veggies to have a normal weight size; not overweight or underweight. Fruits and veggies are highly advised because animal fat is prone to drive you into obesity.

Well, thank you for being with me till the end. I hope you gotten quite a great deal of information here. Let’s remember to care for our entire body for healthy and beautiful appearances; you owe it to yourself to look good and feel confident. Happy reading and let’s meet here tomorrow, same time for Psychology with Muna.

May your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

Hippocrates; Greek Physician, 5th Century B. C.

Love, Muzhinga ♥️🇿🇲


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