Friday Reminders:Hope, Faith and Courage.

From time in memorial, the sun has always been seen as an insignia of hope after a time of darkness. It has also been seen as a light that guides people‘s paths in their everyday life. First to the rainbow, it bestows courage on us for a better tomorrow.

Of course, life has indeed shown us all that it is not a bed of roses as movies portray it to be. It is like a bittersweet drink as it comes with happiness as well as all sorts of troubles; and sometimes, we break down.

But, here is the thing, in our feebleness, none of us is strong enough to battle the problems that the world throws at us and none of us is strong enough to stand up when we fall but, that does not mean we cannot win the battles we fights and find the strength to get up.

So, whenever you fall, have hope that you will get up the same way you believe that the sun will shine as we wake up tomorrow; believe that it is possible to get up and gather up the modicum of strength left in you and to stand up.

Therefore, crawl if you have to, walk if you have it in you and run if there is strength left in you. You will not find yourself on your two feet instantly but, you will surely reach your destination.

I’m telling to fight today! step by step, walk! Brick by brick, build! Meter by meter, run and move miles after miles and reach heights you never known.

If you stooped yesterday, you will have to sit up straight today; and tomorrow, you will stand up. Troubles are things we cannot avoid for pain will always demand that it is felt when there is happiness in existence but, the stronger the urge to overcome it, the higher your chances of happiness accelerate.

These are facts of life but, what matters the most is our ability to keep pushing and moving on; our ability to embrace positivity which will help us soar higher than we have ever been.

Surely, we are blessed by God to reach height of greatness but, it all requires optimism, belief , faith and bravery to overcome our fear, trample upon our obstacles and fly so high that we won’t even remember that we were once on the ground.

I do not know what you are passing through because, everyone has their own battles to fight and crosses to carry. However, if you have given into the fact that your problems are remarkably greater than you; that they are unresolvable, wake up, start living again and cease from simply existing.

God has given you every possible ability to subdue whatever pain or trouble that is weighing you down. All you have to do is pray and engage your willpower to change your story by simply reaping off the previous chapter from your book and picking up a different paper; plain and square and  begin to write a new story.

Strive to make better decisions after thorough scrutiny and you will see that having hope, faith and courage  is actually a good thing. Take time, think about this and make these three thing your sun, an insignia of a new day after sorrow.

Happy Friday!!


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