Flooded dreams

Image: Flooded Magoye River during Rainy season  in Southern Zambia, Monze.

I have been a person who hardly moves around because, i have found comfort in the serenity of my home. However, since i decided to engage myself in the study of Journalism and Communication at Rusangu University in the southern province of Zambia, i have realised that my perspective of the world is not what it really is. I thought of the world as a comfortable place, pleasant  and full of joy.

Unfortunately, it is a place where disaster and shattered dreams also lie. I had the privilege to be among the student Journalists that went to cover a news story in a village near Rusangu University two/ there years ago with the help of our then Lecturer, Pastor Jonas Chitebeta; and it was disheartening to find that the Magoye river which separates the village of Chikonga from the University; the Primary, and secondary schools respectively, the Marketplace and the Clinic was extremely flooded due to the heavy rainfall that has hit the whole of Zambia that year.

Consequently, the villagers were also separated from the rest of civilization due to the fact that the River harbours no bridge till today. Hence, they had no way of continuing with their daily business, errands and endeavours because of the floods.

Crossing over to the other side requires one to walk in the water; against the current in view of reaching the other side and this method proved to be risky as water levels were high, making people vulnerable to drowning. As a result, children from Chikonga Village, who are the majority of learners at Rusangu primary and secondary schools stopped attending school in fear of their lives. However, this also meant that there would be no health care and no consumerism for the people of Chikonga as well

Talking to the Vice Headmaster of Rusangu Primary School, we discovered that this predicament always befell the inhabitants of Chikonga Village as it resurfaces whenever the rain season begins each and every year.

He also indicated that the school has lost several pupils who are carried away by the current of the River as they make attempts to cross over to the other side to attend school.

As if this couldn’t be worse, patients and pregnant Women have also not been spared from this calamity while, the entire populace of the village does not have means of getting their daily needed groceries.

Meanwhile, domesticated animals like cattle and goats were also challenged by this setback, having a hard time to cross over the River in search of greener pastures.

Apart from these life threatening challenges, moving around in dirty water almost all the time is not safe because diseases such as Bilharzia and Cholera are in existence and can easily capitalize on the situation.

The flooding of the Magoye River brought life to a stand still and continues to do so till now. As such, the people of Chikonga have been relentless in pleading for aid of which they were told that the funds available would not be enough to help them construct a bridge.

Looking at the fact that the village is situated in a remote and rural area, it has been quite difficult to send a message to those who can help as soon as possible and despite having managed to get the story to aired on MuviTV, no help has come. We are nearing rainy season once again and this means that the problem will also resurface yet no help seems to be coming.

These people really need help and if nothing is done soon, this could turn into a perpetual problem as the Villagers will have to look forward to it each and every year.

I feel that Government should step in and help these people out. The children have to acquire an Education for they are the future, the patients have to get well because, they need to be healthy and strong in order to work, the pregnant women need to give birth healthily in order to have healthy babies for they are leaders of tomorrow and the animals need to survive because, they bring our country a sense of pride.

They need help, love and attention right now, who will come to their aid?


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