The acronymed phrase God’s plan.

Choose the best. Habit will soon make it pleasant for you.

Pythagoras; Greek Philosopher and Mathematician. 6th century B. C.

Acronym God’s plan is an advanced health lifestyle guide of newstart;  a combination of nutrition, exercise, water, sunshine, temperance, air, rest and trust in God which lays anthesis emphasis on certain rules of new start so that we are able to understand what is required of us in view of having a healthy lifestyle.

As an acronym God’s plan stands for God’s trust open air daily exercise sunshine proper rest lots of water always temperate and nutrition. It lays emphasis on decisive factors that exist in newstart by giving specific instructions for what is required of us for example instead of just saying exercise God’s plan emphasizes on the fact that it should not be be just any exercise but, precisely daily exercise and instead of just any air God’s plan emphasises on open air as the best air for us to be healthy.

However God’s plan as a health guideline advanced and all is not in existence to dismiss and do away with newstart rather it is there to compliment and and reinforce the NEWSTART healthy lifestyle guidelines of habit by giving a carefully direction on what people should or should not seek out in their quest for achieving a healthy happy lifestyle.

While trusting God is the least of guidelines in newstart, it is the first rule of having a healthy lifestyle in God’s plan. This is because God is actually the centre of everything including our lives hence he should be put first. This is why why the Bible tells us to seek first the kingdom of God so everything else can be added to us. This is to say that putting God first in our lives is key to get mental peace in the midst of trials and temptations. This is so because Faith, study of the scripture, prayer and meditation are a comfort to an agitated soul.

But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

KJV; Mathew 6:33

Faith in God bestows upon us good mental attitudes and spirit of peace which in turn benefits our spiritual mental and physical well-being. This is due to the fact that we believe and a hopeful for a better future because we have someone supreme watching over us with enduring love and understanding.

Furthermore, God’s plan emphasises on open-air because it is the best air for us to be healthy but, often times we may try to substitute this air air with artificial ones from the fan can or air conditioner. Nevertheless nature’s very fresh air in the outdoors is the best air air we could ever breathe; the best oxygen we could ever take in. Therefore, we must ensure that we go out for the breath of pure air; and we must also ensure that pure air is made available in our homes by having proper ventilation.

Additionally, our bodies are designed for movement and this is why God’s plan emphasises on daily physical exercises research has proven that people who devote at least for periods of 40 minutes each to exercise each and every week have a lower risk of having complications like heart attacks obesity and circulatory diseases. 

Meanwhile, the sun is the main source of energy on planet Earth and vital for Life itself. Hence, God’s plan emphasizes that we should at least take in a bit of energy from the sunshine in view of acquiring vitamin D as well as enabling UV rays to destroy pathogens in our bodies through radiation. However we should be wary read of UV radiation as it can be dangerous in high levels of exposure.

Furthermore, rest on itself as indicated in new start is an understatement. However, proper rest is important as stipulated in God’s plan we must ensure that our rest is a restoring one and one that gets read of the stress we have incurred during the day.

Moreover, water as the universal solvent of living matter; making up 60% of our bodies is important to our health. This is because our body organs such as kidneys need water to filter the blood and eliminate unwanted substances through the urine; the digestive system needs water so that the feaces are not dry or hard enough to cause strain while, the skin also needs water to maintain itself firm and healthy and the bones should contain an adequate amount of water to maintain elasticity and hardness. This is why God’s plan emphasises on the fact that we need to take a lot of water. 18 is a habit which affects our health more than anything else therefore we must keep watch of the food we eat as well as the time and manner in which we eat that food. A balanced diet is advised at the right time and in the right manner.

God’s plan also emphasizes on the point that if we want to have a vigorous and healthy mind we must restrain ourselves from addictive stimulants and alcoholic beverages that me alter the delicate mechanisms of our brain. This is what it means to be always temperate; exercising self-control and restraint while focusing on things that matter the most.

Lastly, God’s plan emphasises on nutrition. A good nutrition is important for our health as it comes with beneficial effects of a health diet that strengthens our health habits of pure air air-water sunshine physical exercise, rest, temperance andtrust in God.

Everyone agrees that health is an aspect of our lifestyle that we should treasure the most in our lives and this is why we have health guidelines like new start and God’s plan to help us create and establish good healthy habits that would help us to stay happy and healthy. I hope we can learn one or two things from these health guidelines and save our lives from diseases complications and unnecessary visits to the hospital.


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