Playboy has a heart. pt3

Jason grabbed his new patient’s file from the table and strode to the waiting room. He eyed everyone in the room, smiling warningly as he locked eyes with an elderly woman on a wheelchair, happily eating away her burger. 

That’s definitely not healthy for her..” he thought to himself. 

The elderly woman smiled back and put her supposed lunch away as soon as he signaled her to stop eating the burger. A young woman across the room watched him intently with a weary gaze as he went back to his file. 

” Ms. Efe…” Jason called out and the woman who had been watching him lazily stood up and followed him into the office. Jason gently closed the door behind them and told her to take a seat. “Hi, Efe. I’m Jason, your new doctor”.

“Nice to meet you doc. Jason but, I’m not changing my mind”.

“Then why did you heed to my call?”.

“Everybody deserves a chance” Efe replied and lowered her head, staring at her file hopelessly.

“Even so, you haven’t given me that chance” Jason laughed. He sat there gazing at her as silence filled the office. She raised her head after a while, looking into Jason’s eyes. 

“What do you have to say?” She asked.

” There is a way for you, Efe. If only you can believe…”

“Believe?” She scoffed. ” I hardly have time, doctor…even if I survive this, I don’t have anything to live for. My life ended three years ago in that car crash. I’m a living corpse, Jason”.

” Who died during the car crash?” Jason stiffened. He never pried into his patients’ personal lives but, it seemed he needed to know Efe’s story in order to persuade her to get treated.

“That’s not important, doc”

“I’m your doctor, Ms. Efe”

“Now you sound like a professional…” Efe laughed. Her weary eyes lit up as she sat up straight. “My husband, Jeff. We were on our way to our honeymoon hours after tying the knot. I was so happy but now, I have nothing. He was my only family, you see”.

Jason struggled to clear the lump on his throat as it grew bigger from listening to Efe. 

” So, now that you know…can you let me die in peace. My Jeff awaits for my arrival”

” Your Jeff?” Jason asked. His tone was mocking.  It was meant to be an inner commentary. Why did the words come out so easily?. ” I’m sorry…”

“Have you ever been in love, doc?”

“Me..” Jason stuttered. He was caught off guard and there was no way of escaping her clutches. ” Well um, never”.

” I see…” Efe smiled warmly. ” I feel tired and weary, doc. May I go home now?”

“If you agree to get treatment” Jason replied. “I promise to do my best and if I fail, I will let you go to Jeff”

“You will kill me” Efe replied and broke into laughter. ” Your sense of humor is quite peculiar, doc. Jason”

” I was not trying to be funny but I glad you laughed. How long has it been?”

” Three years I suppose” Efe replied, placing bothe her clenched hands on the table. She looked nervous and worried as the thought of having lived an unhappy life sank into her core.

“This means that you can trust me, Efe” Jason said, putting his hand on hers. Efe looked at Jason wearily and pulled her hands away. 

“Six months or less” she said firmly. “Then you will have to let me go to Jeff”.

“It’s a deal, Ms Efe” Jason replied, signaling her to shake his outstretched hand. Efe shook it vigorously, smiling back all the while. ” Our session will start tomorrow”.

” … anything till then, doc”.

” Prepare a least of foods you eat and drinks you take. I will need that on my table first thing tomorrow morning at 8am”.

” Alright, doc” Efe agreed and left immediately. Jason sighed , flopping back in his chair as he glanced at Efe’s file. She had made up her mind to die and reunite with her husband. That was already a downside for her recovery and he needed to revive her zeal to live. 

“See you tomorrow…Ms. Efe” Jason’s inner voice pounded as he gazed in the direction she had gone. 


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