PoeticThursdays: What is the cost of silence?

Keeping quiet, when the heart is full.

You want to speak out; Yet, the right words find you not.

Brace yourself for the pain of grudges, poison to the soul.

Keeper of secrets, will you wait till the mind is soiled. 

What hurts us is beyond, what binds me and you is absurd, our humanity shown in our feebleness. I’m just like you; Afraid to face my weaknesses but, I will speak out today. I will let you know what troubles my heart.

I lack in many many ways but must you remind me at all times.  You have done great favours for me, was it for humanity or for debt? Remind me from now on,  to write in my little book all you do so I can repay.

Someday, somewhere I will repay so I won’t constantly feel vilified everytime you complain. I will not let them favours come anymore, for I do not wish to be in debt more. Feeling useless, if only I could do things on my own, avoid your aid so I won’t have to hear you count all the things you done for me. 

You busk in all your deeds, claiming sacrifice and goodwill, yet all is in vain for it is all about reward. I ask you, do not do it, if I must pay back for I am weakened in many abilities, unable to repay your deeds in thine preference. 

So today I ask. If your favors are a debt, to be returned, don’t do it for me. No matter how grave, I will not accept it and no matter how many debts I owe for past favours, I will repay them. 

My heart is empty, devoid of words now that I have written. Maybe it’s hard to say it out loud but, now I have a voice.

What is the cost of expression? We will find out soon when this message reaches it’s rightful owner. 


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