Playboy has a heart part 4

Jason peered at the list Efe had given to him, he read it’s contents out loud as though he was reading out to her and after he was done, he looked at her, simpering. 

” It seems you have really given up on life, Efe” he said, looking at her sympathetically. 

“I do not need your pity for I will be going to a better place in the after life”. Efe sneered. “In fact, it is better than living in this cruel world of pain”

Jason laughed meticulously, putting the list back on the table. “Tell me, Efe” he paused peering into her eyes. They still looked weary but, this time, they were cold too; expressing the anguish hidden within. 

“If Jeff was alive, would he let you do this to yourself; eating junk and living recklessly”

” Don’t you think you are taking this issue too seriously, Doc. Jason” Efe’ voice was stern. “Kindly stay in your bounds….” 

“I am your doctor”

“I could change that if I wanted. Surely, you cannot keep me confined here against my will”

” We had an agreement, Ms. Efe…” Jason replied. “But, I see you are not one to keep your word”

“I always keep my word”

“Then, let me treat you as planned”

” When do we begin?”

“We’ve already started…I actually counseling you which is the first step for our journey together”

Efe looked at Jason and smiled. He somehow reminded her of Jeff. Her husband was a stubborn man too, always going against what she had said. 

” I didn’t realize that….” She finally said, calmly..

“Now that you know please cooperate” Jason chipped in haste. ” Kindly respond to my questions after a careful thought”

“Jeff loved me. He wouldn’t have let me do this because he loved me more than life itself” Efe was sobbing now. “I just want to be with him again, doc. He sincerely loved me in a way nobody did”

“He made you laugh?”

” Endlessly…!” Efe laughed. “He was hilarious and charming”

“I’m sure he was handsome too” Jason chipped in. “Handsome men are hilarious and charming. I’m speaking from experience”

Jason chuckled as he pointed his thumb towards himself, making a crooked thumbs up. 

“Looking at you, I think you may be right”

” Oh, is that a compliment I’m getting” Jason replied, pretending to be flustered. 

” Stop being dramatic, doc” Efe bellowed with laughter. “Don’t forget you are treating me”

“Of course, Ms Efe” Jason said. His voice was stern now. “I want you to start a new diet of fruits and vegetables. Here is a referral to the nutritionist. Tell her I sent and she will give you a free menu”

Jason winked at Efe, catching her by surprise but then she understood what he meant and grinned.

“I see being your patient has its perks”

Jason smiled and leaned forward and lowered his voice. ” Always I tell” Jason said. ” So, stick with me”

“Don’t you ever get caught…?” Efe asked, amused.

” I have been caught a number of times but I end up turning the situation in my favor; from cheat to victim”.

” You are a dangerous man. I’m not sure I can trust you with my life”

“Your life is safely tucked in mine. I will keep safe”

Efe blushed, keeping eye contact with Jason as he flashed her his warmest smile. 

“Thank you, doc” Efe finally said. “Nobody has ever tried to convince me to live like you have. It makes me feel good inside” Efe touched her chest as the warmth she felt spread through her body. After many years, she suddenly felt important and cared for. Jason looked at her intently. He was able to read her mind; her deepest thoughts and insecurities.

“Efe, believe me when I say that we will both pull this through”

“I believe you, doc” Efe replied, narrowing her gaze at Jason and smiled warmly. “I’m ready to cooperate with you now”

” This is the best news I have heard today. Welcome aboard, Ms. Efe”.

Jason was delighted. He out forth his hand, expectantly waiting for her to shake it and as she shook his hand, he felt different; calm, relaxed and happy as soothing chills ran through his entire body, making him blush as he stared hard into the dancing eyes of the woman seated on the opposite side of his office.

“What’s wrong with me?” He thought to himself with their hands still clasped together in a handshake in an atmosphere marked by intensity.


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