PoeticThursdays: save Mother Earth

Lord, I see mother earth; it’s withering away in bits with your people watching.

The planet is dying inside, leaving eroded remains as a souvenir of our evil hand work. 

They cut the trees like there is no tomorrow; the soil is infertiled by the poisonous remnants of rain, sinking in the deep earth to kill the greens.I see a world desolate and bare with the turf all dried.

Oh, I see the waters drying; aqualife lamenting as venom runs deep into its abode, squeezing life out of it; the pain it abhors.

The rain it prays for has become partisan to its doom. 

Behold! The world is crumbling but, when will it stop?. When will the pollution cease? Please reply earnestly because honestly I am bewildered. 

I used to see waters flowing deep and endlessly. It was a beautiful sight to behold as birds of the air; the wildlife of the land and the fish of the sea found solace in it’s beautiful thirst quenching bossom. 

I used to see flowering plants, the green adorned meadows yet, these are no more as the world announces the doom of the world in its deforested state. 

It’s all about business now not caring for nature; it’s all about financial freedom not live for our native lands. What will we do when there is nothing left of our home?

Where will we busk when the scotching sun sinks deep in our skins? The waters are gone and little that remains is poisoned by earth’s adversaries; so,  where will we drink when our thirst is nigh with dried rivers of the earth? 

I loathe the day that the doom of man’s own hand work visits us all. I am afraid of what will become of our home. 

Save our earth from greedy minds and unserving souls. Save our greens, save nature; a revelation of of divine power and of bliss beyond the human comprehension.

Save mother nature; save our lives.


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