Playboy has a heart pt5

After weeks of beginning the treatment procedure with Dr. Jason  Efe was finally feeling better and her desire to wither away by death’s hand began to subside slowly but steadily as she still heard whispers from Jeff, calling her to join him in the afterlife.  That night she woke up after having a nightmare; Jeff was angry with her, yelling at her for having betrayed him. He grumbled as she tried to reason with him as he was convinced that she was finally moving on with someone else. Efe awakened just as Jeff was about to strangle her to death. She grasped  for breath as sleep left her core and it was still night, adorned with the crescent moon and shadows of nature’s bounty objects. Efe sat up straight on her bed and the first thing that came into her mind was contacting her doctor.
Jason had become a great part of her life within the few weeks they had spent together treating her cancer. She now took him as a friend and more so a protector.

“Hello”  Jeff answered her call. His voice was weary and low as he was sleepy. He had no idea whom he was even speaking to at that time.

“I had a nightmare!” Efe was agitated. ” I think Jeff is angry with me”
Jason rubbed his eyes vigorously as he realized that his Efe was on the other end of the call. He sat up straight, thinking of how he was going to handle this situation. She seemed happier over the days but, this development could take them back to square one of the treatment session if he didn’t do the right thing.

“Why do you think he is angry with you, Efe?” Jason asked calmly. His voice was as gentle as the breeze’ s touch on the skin.
“He told me that I have moved on with life and that I don’t want to go to him. He tried to kill me, Jason” Efe replied, still rattled about her dream.
” I’m scared. Jason”

” Calm down, Efe” Jason said. ” I’m here, aren’t I?”

” Yes, but,…” Efe was not convinced. ” What if he comes back to haunt me, Jason. Maybe I should just stop…”

“Calm down, Efe. I said I would protect you, didn’t I?’ Jason made attempts to console her. ” Now, go back to sleep and I will see you tomorrow”

” Will you come?”

“Yes, I will come tomorrow morning” Jason assured her

” But, I can’t sleep” she said, sounding uneasy.

Jason sighed, wondering why he was taking all the trouble to treat this woman. He leaned against the wall and spoke softly, asking her to listen to him.
“Lay down. Efe” he said softly. She laid and told him she had done so. Jason chuckled, amused at how a nightmare had suddenly turned a fearless woman into a little child, scared for her life. “I will sing for you and soon you will be asleep. Just close your eyes and listen to my voice”

Efe agreed without contention. Jason sason two songs, ona after another and soon she was fast asleep, Jason disconnected the call as soon as he had realized that he had achieved his goal and went back to sleep. He knew that the following day would be a long day and he had to rest before facing it and all it had in store for him.


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