PoeticThursdays: Expressions of a heart in love.

Mirror, mirror me!
Meet me by the meadow near the blue sea.
Hold out your hand for I wish to see; the sign that you and I are meant to be.

Love, my beloved I saw in your eyes and believed;
It is the fiery insignia of a bounty seed; planted in my heart to grow and feed;
my longing heart with warmth and comfort.
Will you stay? never to depart
My human lifeguard, trained to hold me in place.
Perhaps you don’t know, but I want to keep you for ever,.
Selfish but, you are my treasure; priceless, i’d see life differently without your side.
Precious than gold; I wish to solace in our embrace.

You are here with me yet, I miss you the most, beloved.
Far and wide you travel yet, in my heart continue to stay.
Tell me what special place I hold in your dreams. For in mine you are the king; long lived and infinite.
You stand with nature in a pictorial display. You remind me that you are still the one who hold my mind together as nature does.
My first and second love intertwined; together like we are meant to be; together we are saved and free.

Do not let me down; for I tramped on stairs to find such as you.
It’s hard to perceive but in my mind we are true.
Bound by friendship and love through and through.
Don’t let me believe she has won you too, for i wouldt break my heart that you love her so.
Selfish, but I’m the one for you; our hearrs knit together for one. In that picture,it’s just you and I.

Walk on; a picture of me in your heart.
Tell everyone you have someone special far back. And when time is ripe, come find me at the meadow near the blue sea.
For I will be waiting till you see, that I have loved for increasely; Mirror mirror, me.


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