6 questions with young Enterpreneur, Sarah Muyesanji Banda.

In third world countries like Zambia, it is risky to rely solely on your full time employment in government or private institutions in that the costs of living are highly expensive with little money to cover it up all as a salary. In as little as ZMK5000 or less as minimum pay, you have to pay for electricity and water bills, buy groceries for home use and consumption, pay rent, TV subscription, school fees for your children, pay for medical care and medication (not always), buy clothes, uniforms shoes and list goes on.

Bottom line is , the salaries that people get especially those with low and middle class employment is highly inadequate for meeting the daily needs of a family. This is why most people in Zambia are venturing into side businesses in view of making more money for their daily expenses, especially now that the pandemic has brought economic stresses of its own like rising food prices, loss of employment and lack of stable employment in governmental companies and organizations.

Sarah Muyesanji Banda is a young Entrepreneur and Clinical Officer General at St. Francis Hospital in Katete eastern.province of Zambia. Aside from being a clinician who loves to work with patients; Sarah is a makeup artist, getting her inspiration from watching tutorials, her sister, Konjase Banda and role model makeup artist, Chellah Mubanga.
Sarah has been able to establish herself in the makeup industry and has a goal of one day owning her own makeup business center and a makeup brand with her name on it. She aims at achieving the dream of supplying the best makeup products to her clients, making them look beautiful as her business grows bigger and stronger. Follow: http//:www.facebook.com/Sanji’s beauty&makeover

Today I caught up with a young vibrate clinical officer and Entrepreneur, Sarah Muyesanji Banda for an interview over her entrepreneurial ventures in the makeup industry besides being a health personnel at St. Francis hospital in Late, Eastern Zambia.

She answered exactly six Qs and this is what she had to say:

1. What is makeup to you?

Makeup to me, is an Art that focuses on enhancing one’s beauty. It is also an art that brings different characters into life on the face of an individual. Makeup has no restrictions and so you can be anything you want to be with makeup and this is why i enjoy being a make artist.

What inspired you to join the makeup industry?

So, what really inspired me to join the industry is how I felt beautiful everytime i did something new on my face like drawing eyebrows. This prompted me to start watching makeup tutorials in order for to learn and perform more artistic routine to bring out my beauty.

What are your best three makeup session with a description?

Bringing art to life..a butterfly goes where it pleases & pleases where it goes.

This is called the butterfly effect!

Enhancing your beauty

Bring out the best for the people of Zambia, our motherland

How do you balance full time work with your makeup business?

My profession is kind of flexible in that i have shifts that I alternate from. It’s either am working in the morning or afternoon shift and I usually get weekend makeup bookings which is easier because i can easily switch shifts according to the appointment

What challenges have you faced since the beginning of your journey as a makeup artist?

My challenge so far is being mobile. I spend money on transport expenses in that I follow my clients up because i do not have a permanent makeup shop. Apart from that, authentic/original makeup products are highly premium and cost more than the amount I charge for makeup sessions. So, the little i get is used to purchase the needed products.

What advice can you give to youngster making attempts to join the industry and become makeup artists?

Every business has ups and downs including the makeup business. So, i would say be passionate about being a makeup artist. Don’t just do it for the name of business but, do it to bring out the other beautiful side of a human being. Otherwise makeup is fun and exciting; its happiness, its self- confidence hence you’ve got to do it with love.

We sincerely hope that Sarah’s vision comes true. Meanwhile, let’s give her all the support she needs. Together we can make a difference in creating our own products and services


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