PoeticThursdays: The Art of Toxic Silence.

It’s alright not to be alright, they say
But the prejudice in the world says something else about the adage.

People live in fear of expressing their pain, because someone out there might not understand and rather throw dirt at them.

Depressed and stranded, people wither away into graves dug with love yet, they lived without a soul to cuddle their minds so distressed.

We live in a world where people rather rejoice when you are hurt. They make merry at your ill-fate. Your happiness is loathed, casting stones in hate.

We live in a world where people are frightened by the mere revelation of their broken home tales; society might blame them, society might curse them. Thousands of people die, carrying secrets to their grave; the very secrets that led to their demise.

If only the world would be tolerant, with friends that understand and encourage you. Perhaps suicide would a case of yesterday, buried by the acts of being a brother’s keeper.

We live in a world where people are disheartened by the thought of letting it all out. Men all over the world die in silence in the name of manliness as problem pile up in the mind without any soul to hear and advice. Women taught to fear sharing as a young  child; it is a taboo to share the secrets of you home to people outside. This is why the rate of abuse increases every sunset fed by silent whimpers of a weeping woman. 

Children are raped and difiled their own yet the tales is chained within the walls of a toxic home and child is slowly taken; by pain trauma and confusion. A life is destroyed by silence and torture in the mind; tormented by acts perpetrated by a loved one.

We live in a world where individualism is the key. We love wealth  business and consumerism. It doesn’t matter how the money is made, even when another human being life’s is on the line. Emotion is often depicted as weakness; whether in love, sorrow or pain. People only want to smile and laugh, showing boldness as the world only cherishes strong people never the broken, fearful or shaken for a lifetime but, this is fake; pretence to the utmost.

For it is the strong that weep in the night, wetting their pillows as the walls witness their distress. It is the bold, never asking for help and helping others who cuddle themselves tight in solitude; wailing, overwhelmed by their burdensome load of loneliness

It’s alright not be alright and it’s alright to talk about not being alright. So let people express themselves with liberty. Let them share their pain, talk about it; cry when it hurts, lend your ears for listening, lend your mouth for advicing and lend your hands for cuddles and hugs.

Help a brother; help a sister! Let’s create a world where people can trust us with their problems and allow unneccessated pains to subside.

Say no to depression; say no to suicide and say no to toxic silence.


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