Healthy lifestyle messages from the “Great”

Hello, lovelies. I have compiled six great healthy and lifestyle quotes by great and wise people of old just for you.

There is wisdom in their words; and I hope you see them and develop a wonderful healthy lifestyle for yourself.

Happy reading and thank for joining me on Mirrors on this wonderful Tuesday.

A healthy body is a guest. A sick body is a jailer.

Francis Bacon; English Philosopher and Politician.

May your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food.

Hippocrates; Greek Physician, 5th century BC.

Others live to eat but, I eat to live.

Socrates; Greek Philosopher, 5th century BC.

To maintain health, fruits and fresh vegetables must be a fundamental part of our food.

Mahatma Gandhi; Liberator of India, 1869-1948

Wisdom lies in the ability to discover an alternative.

Bernard Jensen; Contemporary Physician

Grains (cereals), fruits, nuts and vegetables make up the food chosen for us by the creator.

Ellen G. White; North American Writer and Educator, 1827-1915.

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