I know I know, what in the world am I talking about!? Muna, are you saying my alcoholism, porn addiction, social media addiction, heroin addiction is not my problem, that’s crazy!! Well well, could be but, hear me out and lets see if my craziness can make sense, just follow me down this crazy path.

Addictions have been attributed to many causes such as early sexual or physical abuse, relieving tension and anxiety, increasing self-esteem, lack of education, drug availability to note just a few. When we take a microscopic view, ironing the folds, and stripping away the layers of the outlined causes, we discover that at the heart of each and every living human being lies one single need. We will sacrifice everything to get it and we would do unwarranted things to get it. Everything else, family, friends, wealth, power, happiness are useless without it. It is the greatest pursuit and highest achievement of the human being. Ladies and gentlemen I hereby present to you peace.

Peace is a valuable possession. Peace is a word that we use in a variety of ways, one everyday use being it representing the absence of war or conflict. The Merrian Webster dictionary defines peace as “ a state of tranquility or quiet”, while the Oxford dictionary defines it as “ the state of being calm or quiet”. The Biblical definition of peace as obtained from the Greek and Hebrew root words catches my attention. It presents peace as more than just the absence of conflict or state of rest. It means completeness or wholeness, and points to the presence of something else.

The Hebrew word translated as peace is Shalom, and according to Strong’s concordance, it means completeness, soundness, and welfare. It comes from the root word Shalam which means to make amends or make whole or complete. In Greek, peace is from the word eirene (i-ray-nay).

According to Strong’s concordance, eirene means one, peace, quietness, and rest. It originates from the root word eiro, which means to join or tie together into a whole.
The peace that we all seek is more than just the absence of conflict; it is taking action to restore a broken situation (broken sense of worth , broken trust, rejection, the need of approval) and many people use substances as a form of medication of the real problem.

Addiction is a symptom of the problem. When your wholeness is taken away from you, pian results (of course with many other confusing emotions). Many people give a drinking response, sex response, eating response, porn response, masturbation response, violent behavior response and many other responses to their pian.
Jerry Flower made this profound statement, “ Temporary fixes multiply the problem” and I agree. When a drug user falls victim to addiction, they are introduced into a cycle that keeps them from quitting. Addiction feeds off itself. Thus we try to fix our inner problems with substances as a solution yet the solution continues to enlarge the actual problem tenfold.

It is therefore important to take responsibility of that which is removing your peace. Check on that insecurity, loneliness, depression, where is it coming from and don’t stop until the problem is found. I hope my craziness has been turned to clarity.

Next time we’ll continue with addiction as we look at how we can take responsibility of our addictions. Shalom Aleichem (Well-being be upon you).


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