4 ways of tapping into your creativity core.

We all want to be creative in whatever we do- be it in our writings, business proposals. Idea pitching, church or work presentations and so forth. This is because creativity is what makes our work credible, attractive and sellable to others. As such, most people strive to come up with creative ideas in view of improving or branding themselves.

Today iam going to share some of the activities that have helped me add a little of creativity in my works including short stories, novels, poems, business ideas, presentations and so forth. Although these activities are only linked to writing, I’m pretty sure they can be used in any other field as well.

Be ready to acquire knowledge

Knowledge is and will always be the key to success although people now undermine this saying.. However, even those who have become successful without acquiring any academic excellence used their knowledge of the field they are in to create an opportunity for them to succeed. Thus,  it is important that we should acquire knowledge about the field we would love to be associated with through reading or study ing, research, analysis and evaluation of information.For example, if one wants to be a creative visual artist, they should be able to read about art, discover the different kinds of pencils, brushes, clays, paints and so forth. This will allow the artist to clearly understand when to use these utensils on their art works in order to create a beautiful piece of art.

Look at Leonard Da vinci for instance, his Mona Lisa and the last supper paintings carry fame and status because he not only knew how to paint but also how to use his skill to hide information in his art works and I assume he could only do this using the knowledge he had acquired in the field.

Be ready to learn experts

People usually disregard learning from those who are already experts in a field they desire to join but this is very important. You can either directly learn from an expert you know or learn through social networking sites like YouTube as well taking advantage of media such as television and radio to learn. Being an apprentice is certainly not a bad idea if you want to reach your full potential. As such  it is vital to have desire to learn and ask many questions as you go on. For example, if you learning how to bake creative and yummy cakes, you should be able to acquire knowledge from your instructor and even go further to ask questions about why butter or egg cream is not suitable for other kinds of cakes or why a certain ingredient was used instead of another one. Knowing this will help you come up with different quality cake recipes in the future and will also help you know why to add or not add to those recipes.

Do not be afraid to try new things

The comfortable zone is the best place we can ever be in and so it is hard to come out of it. However, it is important for us to try new things each and everyday and this is how we will know whether something works or not. This involves risks and this why most people would rather just be stagnant instead of losing money or other resources but, it is also a good way of making sure your ideas work out.

Tap deeper into your IQ

After acquiring knowledge, it is only natural for you to tap deep into your thinking capacity and act according to what you have learnt.

I hope that these four steps can help you become as creative as you you always wanted to be.

Happy Tuesday!!!


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