Fiction: Playboy has a heart pt6

Early that morning, Jason took a quick shower and dressed up faster than usual. He sat down at his table and took out Efe’s medical file, perusing through it, looking for Efe’s home address and after he had found it, he wrote down her home address and set off to go find her. Instinctively, Jason stopped at a convenient store and bought some fruits and vegetables for Efe.
“She must be hungry” He thought to himself as he got back into his car and drove off. Soon, Jason was at his patient’s house. He stopped at her front porch and sighed with relief.

Jason got off his car and walked to the front door, ringing the doorbell immediately. As though she was expecting him. Efe opened the door in a short while. Turns out she had just woken up from her long peaceful sleep.
“Good morning, Dr. Jason” she greeted him shyly as he ushered him into the house. “I am sorry I just woke up”

“There is no need for formalities; I’m m you doctor after all” Jason told her as he closed the distance between them and helped her to a seat. He immediately took her temperature and wrote down in her file and prepped the BP machine for another checkup.

“How was your night?” He asked casually.

“Thanks to you, I slept well” Efe replied, grinning profusely. ” I didn’t know that you had a wonderful voice”

“I used to sing in a boy band back in my high school years”

” What a waste of talent”

“I wouldn’t be a doctor treating you if I had chosen to be a musician”

“That makes sense”

“I assume you haven’t had your breakfast since you are just waking up”
” I was going to fix something as soon as I woke up”

“Efe, your situation is a matter of life and death. You can’t be careless” Jason scolded her and walked to the kitchen. It was kind of odd how he knew where to find it but, Efe just blushed it away. Perhaps, he just guessed it right; after all, Jason was a witty and intelligent man. Jason soon came back with some healthy breakfast for Efe. He laid it on the table and sat down next to her.
“I out my heart into preparing this food. You must finish every mossol of it” he said, smiling.

” Thank you, Doc” Efe thanked him and said a prayer. For a moment, Jason watched her in silence till his curiosity cast a spell on his mouth.

“At this moment, should you not call me Jason?”

” I do call you Jason sometimes”

” Well, I think you should call me Jason all the time”

” Isn’t that going against the policy of the hospital you work for?”

“I broke that policy as soon as I walked into this house and cooked for you. I don’t cross bounds with other patients”

” Then, why me?”

” Do you really want to know?”

” Am I a target now?”

“You make it sound like I force myself on women” Jason laughed. “I don’t remember the last time I was with a woman”

“Why is that?”

“It’s because of you” Jason chuckled as he looked at Efe fondly. ” Every time I want to get myself a woman, I think of you”

Is that a bad thing? Should I be nervous?”

“Not you, Efe. I am the one who should be nervous about this”

” I understand your fear”

“How could you when you don’t even know what it is?”

” I do, Jason. I have the same fear too”

” In that case, I should leave”

“No, please stay longer and talk to me”. Efe’ s voice was softly pleading to him. He could see a sadness in her eyes. Today, she looked sadder than all the other day he had seen her. “I know you do not want to get personally entangled with me, doc. Nonetheless, I need you here and that fact is all too clear for you. I have always been independent from the time I was little since I never had any family and when I thought I could finally depend on someone, death came and took him”

“Don’t forget to taken your vitamins after eating” Jason told her in the bid to circumvent from the topic she had started.

“Please stay with me for a while longer” she pleaded once more as she held on to his hand, squeezing on it adorably.

“Alright, Efe. Just don’t look this miserable around me, let alone anyone else. People could easily take advantage of your vulnerability this way” Jason responded cheerfully but, Efe’s tears destroyed this good vibe. Jason’s suddenly overwhelmed by empathy, moved even closer to her and embraced her, letting her sob her sorrows out on his chest.
” Hush now. Efe. It’s not the end even when it it the end” he said to her as he planted a light kiss on her forehead. Suddenly, he came to his senses, not understanding why he had gotten physical with her but, he couldn’t let go of her for she had held him tightly in a embrace. The two of them remained in each other’s arms for a long time and soon, Efe fell asleep in the arms of her doctor and it felt so peaceful.


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