In the community; Living in the New normal.

As the coronavirus continues to terrorize humanity all around the world, we continue to see a reprise in loss of lives, mourning, anxiety disorders, mental imbalance, loss of jobs, businesses and the fear of death.

At this point, life has become highly unpredictable that you could converse with someone today and the next day they are no more.

I took some time out to interview a few people in my community, Matero East just to get a know how on how they are coping with life in the ‘New normal’ way of living as at now and life seems to have come to a standstill for some of them with one setback or another.

“My family and I no longer go to church for worship. We worship from home every Sunday”. Mrs. Mwanza said during an interview.

Mrs. Mwanza got married to a Clinical Officer five years and is a working mother of two. She indicated that she and her husband live in constant fear of getting their two girl children sick as they go to work every week day.

Wear your mask; stay safe!!

“I don’t remember the last time I hugged my children without worrying about their health. I go to work every day; I can not trust myself to touch them and they are not used to it” she added, frantically.

It seems the coronavirus has also separated people from physical contact with their friends, family, spouses and colleagues at work and church. This means that people now refrain from physical activities such as workplace handshakes, friendly hugs, pats on the back or hand holding; and this can be detrimental to the physical, mental and emotional health of people; considering the fact that human beings are interactive creatures who need physical contact such as touch with others in order to stay positive, relieve stress and calm the heart rate when anxious, sad or angry.

With the world becoming increasingly touch averse due to the Coronavirus pandemic, more people are more likely to suffer from the condition caused by lack of touch namely, touch deprivation. However, we can only hope for the best outcome for families and friends out there.

With schools in Zambia opening tomorrow, February 1st, 2021, I also interviewed some school going children to get their view on the matter. Consequently, the announcement by the Minister has been received with both positive and negative sentiments from parents and the pupils themselves.

For some pupils, the news of returning to school has been received with mixed feelings of fear and excitement while, others expressed willingness to go back with the hope that the schools’ management will comply with Government’s health and safety regulations in view of keeping them safe from the Virus.

Meanwhile, some pupils from boarding schools have decided they will travel to school in the second week of opening so as to be sure whether it is safe to go or not; and when asked about elearning, most of them commended the idea as the safest but, they had some demeriting views to air out.

“ZNBC EduTV is safer because I get to learn in the comfort of my home but, It is not the best way when it comes to concentration, time management and performance in my Studies. I usually slack off”. Elizabeth Champeshamano, a pupil at St. Monica Primary school said during an interview. Meanwhile, some of the pupils who wrote their exams last year are anxiously waiting for their results and wish that the Examination council of Zambia may release their results sooner so that they can go back to school.

Further, a talk with a health personnel at Matero level one hospital revealed that people are oblivious to the existence of the Virus and are not following the instructions to keep each other safe. The personnel who wishes to remain anonymous urged all the people in the country to mask up, observe social distancing guidelines and other safety rules in order to avoid getting sick and putting the frontliners in the health department at risk.

I surely hope that the day humanity wins the fight against the Coronavirus is near so, we can all get back to our normal and carefree lives. But, before that, let’s keep ourselves safe in order to keep our friends and family safe too. Observe the health guidelines for safety purposes.

What is the condition in your community? Please share your experiences during this coronavirus era on the comments section below; I would love to hear from you?


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