PoeticThursdays: Thoughts of a mortal


My life is fleeting just like a breeze on a windy day.
It comes by and  passes away as the clock ticks in hours, minutes and seconds.

When I sit down to think. I realize I haven’t done or said much here but, what to do when the time comes; no one can say no to fate’s law.

There was a time or was it every time of my life that I spent in fear of losing my breathe by the spear of fate but, that fright is no longer existent;

It has faded into oblivion, replaced by the understanding that tomorrow is never guranteed; for me, for you, for everyone.

So, If I left today; traveling to the world of knowing nothing but sleep; pure sleep, please do not despise fate; do not resent the world and do not hold grudges against me for I fought hard to live.

Through it all; in pain, sadness, happiness and relief, I kept my lamp burning; hoping and praying, keeping faith in my heart.

Indeed, I did my best to breathe on but no one lives on for eternity in a fleeting world, dead to goodness and cursed by evil.

What to do when it is the wage of sin to lie down in the earth, returning to tiny specks of dust, easily carried on by the winds and till the savior comes for a second time to grant us an infinite life, all our lives are fleeting.


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