PoeticThursdays: Prisoner Of Thoughts.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, can you see my flaws?

They weigh me down and stunt my efforts to move on.

Can you see the scars caused by pain and brokenness on my face and my body?

I seek to hide them yet the world can see through me.

Can you not see how I yearn to be set free from the criticism of the day?

Even just for a day, I crave approval despite knowing it is impossible.

I need peace of mind because it is a friend to bliss.

Yet in world like ours, peace is often experienced as a piece; coming and going as it please, giving way for anxiety to increase.

I have no reason to bask in fake glory and beauty because It’s impossible for me to be perfect but I find myself looking in that direction.

…and now i am here telling my story.

Can you not see the reality is in imperfection?


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