PoeticThursdays: The Thoughts of my heart.

Photo by Olha Ruskykh on Pexels.com

In my awake sleep, i hear the cautions of a noisy silence. Tell me you see it; that beautiful evil, slowly in haste. it lurks around, finding the lost in the barren city where the land is fertile with erosion.

I seek happiness in the mortal dead and their hollow promises; No wonder it is all vanity, veiled in bliss. Down and up, i go yet we are still below because the heights we seek are never up there but at the bottom, trampled upon as vain by divinity.

Sadly I am late in hurrying, a swift slug and so when the time comes, I will probably for back. Our world is like that; full of riddles and puzzles to resolve and correct.

Hush now, child. The hope is ignited. We will leave soon because this is just a small town with no infinity, no dreams and no faith.


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