Poetic-Thursdays: Looking into the Future….

Looking into the future….

Hello lovelies. today’s poem is on Climate. I actually submitted it for the 2021 Africa@2050 Climate Fiction Competition. unfortunately, my entry was not successful and as such, I would love to share the poem with all my readers. Happy reading.

Photo by Lachlan Ross on Pexels.com

Once in a blue moon, I had a dream; very vivid in my head like a vision and I loved what I saw.

It was a blissful day, clad with entrancing colours of the bright Sun; yellow and orange with whites, greys and pretty blues of the clouds.

The sun had risen, shining happily on the beautiful Earth and its inhabitants; an insignia of peaceful days after what seemed to be the dark days of the planet. From grass to grace, the fate of the Earth had changed, knowing abundance and reformation. It was almost unbelievable but with man’s knowledge and capability, all was achieved in team spirited work and co-operation.

From East to West; North to South of the land of Africa, the land was beautifully green, covered by the Earth’s natural growth, replenished by the waters of the heavens and of the earth while the bull and his kin grazed merrily, partaking of the Earth’s growing greens, filling to the belly.

There was plenty to eat and plenty to sow as the inhabitants of the Earth recognized the significance of conservation and preservation.

Yes, they utilized the blessing of the African soil and revived it when need be, feeding it with nature’s own nutrients in order to bring its fertility to life and with this, the great elements of Nature rejoiced in their state of august moments, showering the Earth with abundant bounties. The Earth was happy too, rejoicing; making merry and taking pride in its climate bliss.

Land, trees, plants, rivers, lakes and oceans with all their inhabitants rejoiced in the fruitful era, endowed with the blessing of the evergreen and of fruits sweet in the mouth; sustained by purity and a toxin free pour of heavenly waters.

Once in a blue moon, treading upon the land, I beheld the flowers; wild and indigenous, adorning the earth’s surface with beauty, reflected by their diverse colours of blue, red, pink, white and purple, appearing in every season with perfection in hue, lightness and brightness.

Their fragrances were as mesmerizing to the nose as the taste of honey in the mouth of hungry bear, filling the air with a blissful scent that ignites good thoughts and feelings in the hearts of men. The bees went about working, gathering the sweet nectar of the best flower petals to make some honey; the food for man and beast alike; and gathering pods and seed for the genesis of pollination to spread an army of natural growth.

The Air was pure, devoid of poison and intoxicants and free for all to breath; inhaling and exhaling at no cost. This was a blissful moment for the Earth; not existent at the moment but no impossible to achieve.

Strolling down the paths, I saw the wild settling peacefully without interference and migration.

Without words, they expressed their gratitude through howls and roars, praising the wise and cherished inhabitants of the earth and i smiled; thrilled to know that it was possible to live in a world without venoms of gases; in a world where the evergreen was clad with respect, allowed to fulfill its duties of protecting the ecosystem.

I was thrilled to know that mankind could achieve if only he put his mind to saving his home. Oh, there is just something about Nature, I marveled. It woos me better than a man’s words. He can speak but his utterances are filled with sweet lies but Earth’s nature is different. It does not speak but it shows me the deepest part of its core in creation and existence. It lives only to sustain me and bind me with peace. So then why do I hurt myself by hurting it?

And without warning, I awakened from my sleep. This was a dream but it was also the knowledge that came to mankind, to preserve his home and revive its fallen glory.

Such an Africa is possible if climate justice is crowned with priority by man who claims ownership of land. Can one destroy their home without a conscience and a modicum of remorse? How then will they be able to stay and call it home?

Earth has a bright future thus, the inhabitants of this priceless Planet have a duty of love; protecting it from pollution, deforestation and a reckless use of natural resources.

Only then can we see an Africa with plenty of water supply, lack of agricultural and natural disasters and acceleration of normal weather patterns an seasons.

Can we not see that our Africa needs saving from our very own hands and deeds?

If you can’t, I do. I do not desire to dream only but to live my dream. Only then can the yearning of a bright earth and its lost bounties be quenched and buried, replaced by desire to live and serve the planet and all its inhabitants well.

I implore that we all delve into the feeling of seeing our Earth, our Africa in a better place; free from degradation, pollution, global warming and deforestation. Let us hearts be pure towards our only home so that generations and generations of the Earthlings will enjoy the blissful peace that comes with a free land in all totality.

A dream is just like a lamp. It remains so until it is lit and that flame becomes an insignia of new era. A question is posed to every individual; sons and daughters of the land, natives of the African soil, Will you stand for the Earth to preserve and conserve it for a brighter future or will you partake in its destruction; watch while it withers and fades away when you could have done something.

The time is now to create an Africa we want; an Africa we need and all is possible by 2050 if you put your mind to it. Hence, a challenge is given to everyone, Africans and all people at large to work eagerly and without relenting to restore the Earth’s glory and splendor. Africa needs you.


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