Muzhinga Kankinda books to read this August.

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  1. Good girl, bad boy is a novel by Muzhinga Kankinda.

Genre: YA & Teen Fiction

Synopsis: Emily and her twin brother, Eugene are transferred to a private school after she survives from a terrible accident that leaves her right leg injured and shatters her dream of ever competing in the inter-school cycling contests. Being at Chestnut high school gives her hope of reliving her dream but, it also threatens her chances of being there till she graduates as she get entangled with an emotionally struggling and ill-mannered young boy from a wealthy family who needs love and care to rekindle his old jolly, gentle and kind nature. Will she be able to handle his indifferent behavior and the critiques that will arise from their relationship?,-bad-boy.html

2. Holding on to you is another novel by Muzhinga Kankinda

Genre: Romance.

Synopsis: Sophia Rayne, a self conscious woman is on a quest to find love but she is constantly disappointed every time and when she is ready to give up on true love, she meets Nathan White. He could be the one for her but he is indecisive, hoping for his wife, Felisha who is in a coma to wake up. Meanwhile, Nathan’s childhood friend and Felisha’s doctor, Veronica is still in the picture, hoping for a happy ever after with Nathan.

3. My trafficked love is a novel by Muzhinga Kankinda with the pen name: Lotus Khan.

Genre: Mystery/Thriller

Synopsis: Despite loving each other dearly, Gabriella and Daniel are forced to be apart because of the nature of their jobs. Fate takes them further apart as Gabriella is sent on an undercover mission which leads to loss of memory. She later falls into the loving arms of the ruthless and deadly Dario Pavel, the criminal she is supposed to nab and while Daniel misses her, he too, falls prey to the seductive tactics of Katrina Boyaze, the cunning daughter of the Chief Agent who is madly in love with him. Love between Gabriella and Dario blossoms but it is met with obstacles as her memory threatens to return while Daniel is caged in a loveless relationship with Katrina who claims to be pregnant. In time, Gabriella recollects her identity and falls back into motion with the mission while all hell breaks loose when the life of John, Daniel’s friend is threatened by Katrina because he knows the truth about her. The scandal leads to Katrina’s arrest and just when Daniel is about to give up, he receives a message from Gabriella and his hope for a happy ending is rekindled again.


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