How to make your tv shows appealing to audience and a success

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Hello, lovelies, welcome to another blog post. It has been a while and i hope you are keeping safe. Our discussion for today to ‘how to make your TV shows appealing to audience and a success.

Making a TV show a success can be hard but it is not impossible. You as a Producer, Director or host of the show can make your show successful and appealing to audience as long as you are doing the right thing. You do not even need to focus more on sensationalized topics to make your show attractive to audience because your TV show is capable of gaining a large number of audience even with serious and much more vital topics of discussions if you are following the right criteria of hosting when conducting your TV show.

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The following are some of the few ideas i have for you.

  1. Knowing your Audience.

After coming up with a topic of discussion whether permanent or by episode; and before hosting the show, make sure that you have knowledge on who your audience will be. Setting up a target audience without research is not a way to go. Take time to research and find out which audience will be interested in your show based on your topic. Find out their age group and preferences including language preference (Formal or informal), color appreciation and preference, and their sense of fashion if necessary because the host needs to look the part. As such a little media research when writing a script for the show will not hurt-it will actually benefit the show immensely.

For example, if a show is a playful one, the host cannot be serious during presentation. He or she needs to be playful in their presentation and the colours of the set should also be playful to lighten up the mood of audiences

  • Design a set that fits the needs of your audience and the topic of discussion

Designing a set can be hard because you are not just looking for a good background set but a creative and appealing one. I have noticed that most TV shows in Zambia are hosted using a black or another propped colour with the help of a green screen and a more random set of two seats and a whole look of nothingness. These kinds of sets are monotonous and set Audiences’ moods off especially if the host is doing a lively show.

In order to come up with a good set, how about choosing a beautiful slide show background. This can be achieved using a green screen or by using a touch television with beautiful collages made especially for the show.

According to Psychology, the colours in the room can set the mood of an individual. People often do not forget how something or someone made them feel. As such, Producers of a show should also be able to choose the right colours of the set and its props because with the right colour theme, Audience can be attracted to a show. If set designers are not able to come up with a beautiful set, the producer should be able to consider asking help from interior designers.

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  • Choose the right host

Talent in media varies. We have TV personalities that speak faster and are lively in nature while others are slow and calm in both speech and gestures. As such, producers should make sure that the host they have chosen for a show is suitable for it. For example, you cannot choose a calm host to conduct a lively and playful show. Similarly, a host with traits of a comedian can not be given the role of hosting a serious show which involves national security. If possible, TV hosts should be examined before being assigned as a host for a particular show.

  • Do not ignore New Media’s ability to boost your show.

in this age of information, New Media is had gained influence over other media platforms. As such, host should be able to promote your TV show on New Media platforms. Create Fandom groups and pages specifically for your show on Twitter, Facebook and other social media networks where you can post updates and engage audience in discussions or tasks in order to boost your audience’s morale and while your show is airing on TV, make sure that you are also streaming live on your social media platforms. This will give audience who are not at home an opportunity to watch and re-watch your show wherever they are and whenever they want.

Well, that is it for today. I hope this article will be helpful and if you have any more ideas, feel free to share them in the comments section below. Thank you for your time and see you next time!


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