Radiate Positivity-Kowa Nvulule Simon

He’s 23 and a trained nurse with public speaking and entrepreneurial skills. He has a natural inclination to writing and is a published author of ‘Radiate positivity’ a self-improvement book which is currently a bestseller among youths in Zambia.

His name is Kowa Nvulule Simon and Zambia is quite a lucky nation to have him. For a young man at 23, Kowa hasn’t done too badly for himself and he is willing to do it for others. As he puts it, “My life’s purpose is to impact people’s lives by transforming their minds.”

As early as eightieth grade, Kowa had a personal journal were he would nightly scribble down every event that took place during the day. He goes on to admit about how he was such a romantic, writing love letters to every girl he crushed on.

“I was better at expressing myself on paper than verbally.” He said. This is proof that writing has been a great part of the young man’s life and his hard work finally paid off on 26th September, 2021, when his book ‘Radiate Positivity’ was published and the good news is he is working on his second book.

When asked about how he was inspired to write this book and give it such a title, Kowa reply was simple. The book was inspired by his life story. “In a nutshell, I had a terrible inferiority complex because I came from a broken home and as a lad, my friends used to laugh at my name every time I introduced myself. This made me put myself in a cleft or shell.” He said.

Kowa’s malady was conquered in the year 2019 when he embarked on a voyage of personal development. He began reading self-help books, listening to motivation speakers, including Les Brown and Dr. John C. Maxwell on YouTube and through this change came into his life.

“With time, I discovered myself and gained a great deal of self-confidence and self-awareness. This evoked a thought in me that since I have gotten rid of my inferiority complex, why can’t I also help others do the same?” He stated and this is how the idea to write ‘Radiate positivity was harnessed.

“I wanted to be a light that will shine in someone’s life when they are going through their darkest moment. I want to help people to always shave a positive mindset no matters what they are going through. Most importantly, my goal is to help people reach their god given potential.” He further stated.

As a writer, Kowa Nvulule Simon has many core values including the most important ones which are authenticity, character, a heart of service and integrity.

When asked about whether he dreamed of becoming a writer or not, Kowa revealed that he never dreamed of becoming an Author. His dream was to be a doctor and help others. He admitted to being a boy with a vivid imagination whereas he would imagine himself walking into a room full of patients who eventually get healed just by looking at him. He admitted to being a boy with a vivid imagination.

“Crazy right?” He said. “I thought it was crazy too. I have come to realize that what I am doing today is what I was dreaming through the few moments I have spoken to audience and some people who have read my book and have come back to tell me that they have been inspired. This means they are receiving healing through my words and the book and I thank the Lord for making me his vessel every day.”

As a young man, Kowa acknowledges that we live in a negative world where people are highly critical than supporting, where people are helpless and suicidal and where people face more trials than good times and this is why he is bent on bringing change.

“In my neighbourhood, a week cannot pass without hearing someone shouting, “Kawalala! (Thief)”. All this is causing a lot of dysfunction in the world; hence I have taken it upon myself to enlighten people that in the midst of a dysfunctional world, we must always focus on the bright side of life……”

Knowing how difficult it is to become an author in Zambia, Kowa’s advice to young and aspiring writers is simple. He says, “Follow your dreams. If you know you were meant to make an impact through writing, start writing. Your dreams must be bigger than your fears……I can assure you that the future is bright for a soul that is willing to sacrifice. Follow your heart, follow your dreams and let the pen explore the deepest of your heart’s convictions.”

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  1. Am really humbled to have contributed to this platform. Continue transforming lives through this blog. The future is indeed bright!


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